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Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh my... This week was so fricken long..*sigh* -_- I'm so glad it's over. NO MORE TESTING! Thank god.....
But I was so loaded with projects and things I've neeeded to get done. Along-side the testing, I had a Government paper to write, an Art project, and a couple English projects. I could have NEVER gotten it all done.It took me all week to write that stinkin paper.. And my teacher better like the joke I put at the end. Cuz he said to end your paper with a "punch". So I swear, if he doesn't think that jokes a punch... I'll punch him! XD

Here's an ankle updated!

Well... I hurt it again. I was at sating on Wednesday working on my trio program for the Ice Show..And I fell and landed on my ankle horribly. It hurt like hell. So once again, I haven'tto completely limit my skating. Groups only. No individual lessons. It really sucks. I hope it gets better by May, cuz I have a couple tests I'll be taking then.
Only time will tell I suppose..

Sooooo... Did anybody notice the music? I really wanted Karma toplay when my site loaded. I love that song SO much! It's amazing!

Welp, I can't think of much more to say. But I need to go to sleep. It's 11 PM and I need to beup at 6 to go..... SKATNG! Fancy that... The one thing that I sprained my ankle doing, I'm too stubborn to take a decent break to let my ankle heal...Oh the stubbornness of me! ^_^
I hope you all are doing alright!

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