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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I got to everybody who updated today. I'm so happy I've gotten back into visiting again. I feel so good when I'm done. ^^

*few minutes pass*

Wow, I just got distracted by my arm muscle... O.O
Ooooops. XDDD

So, my mom took me shopping yesterday. That was fun. I got a bunch of new clothes! I'm so excited to where them all! ^^
I bought a lot of stripes.. And blue. or both, together. ^^
It's weird. I think my favorite color might be changing. It's weird I say!
I also got a pair of pants too! I love them!

Bah! Short post!
Gotta go to bed!
I'll try to visit tomorrow!
But I'm going to get my picture taken for my passport.. I'm going to Atlantis next winter. ^^ I'm excited.

.. It's Daylight Savings! Time to... *sigh* "Spring foward".....

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