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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Well, I finally got that art project home that I was talking about! I'm really impressed with the outcome. Very proud I must say. ^__^ Here it is:

Sooooo.... What d'ya think? You liike? ^^
I hope you do..

Anywho, how has everyone been?
I haven't been too bad.
My ankle still hurts.. For those who don't know, I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago.
I never realized how long a sprain takes to heal. It stars feeling good then I'll step on it the wrong way and I'm back to square one all over again.. It really sucks. But at least I'm able to go skating. ^^

cry [filth], I'm workin on finding a good picture for our.. *clears throat* society. ^^ I haven't found a good one yet, though.. But I'm looking! XDDD

Well, I need to get ready for church tonight.. *dreads going*
I hate going to church now... Now that everyone's gotten involved.. God it sucks... My mom always tries to pull the whole, "God-thing" on me. I don't like it.

But I'm rambling!
So I'm out!
Hope the rest of your day goes well!
I'll try my best to visit! ^_^

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