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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ok ok ok..
I've been working on my visiting. I'm gettin some done. But it's gonna take time for me to fully catch up. I'm starting with the most recent and working back in time. So if I haven't gotten to you, please forgive me. I'll get to all of you who have updated as soon as I can!
And thank you for not abandoning me even though I, in ways, abandoned you guys. I truly appreciate you being there for me. But now it's time for me to be here for all of you!
I'm back.. and with a vengence! AHAHAHAHAH!
Not really.. But I am back! ^_^

And at the moment, I've gotten through.. Maybe half of today's updaters.. Trust me, I'm working on it.

My god... my dad is such a cranky old man... XD
I have to go.. He's tryin to rush me along and get ready for skating..
So I'm sorry, but I must go. I'll continue trying to visit!
I love you alllll!!!
*glomps you all*

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