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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Soooo.. about that new theme I was talking about... X3
I finally got around to setting up my Tales of the Abyss theme I was speaking of. But there's a few minor problems with it.. Like... The size of the freakin backgrounds. The ones I have saved on my computer.. 1024x768. The correct size... But no. When I uploaded them on Photobucket, it decided it was going to reduce the size to 800x600.. O.O That's not the original size! >.< And it ticks me off so much that, even though I didn't create these myself, I'm going to have to upload them of TheO. And I feel horrible doing that. I stray from that as much as possible. But there's just some occasions where PB decides to be an ass and change the image sizes. I absolutely hate that! AAARRRGGG....!!!
but anyway, as soon as those upload in my gallery *sighs* I'll be able to correct my backgrounds. Sorry about that! ^^'

In other news

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'm going to start visiting again. I feel horrible for not visiting people. I've noticed how terrible I've become in my... for lack of better words... depression. It pins me to know how long I've gone without visiting. So that is coming in the near future.

Also, I'll be showing you all my art project I've been working on the last couple of days. I think it's turning out really well. Our assignment was to take a pop can, crunch it up some, draw and color what we see. Mine's coming out way better than expected. I'm very proud of it. X3

Well, dinner is calling me so I'm off. And please look forward (or dread, I suppose.. XD) to much more of me! Cuz I feel myself comin back! And with a passion!

Edit: Well, the wallies uploaded, and my backgrounds are now fitting correctly! Yaaaay!! ^_^ Now there's my welcome image.. The funky shape iss making it difficult. i don't understand, I cropped it so that the white shouldn't appear, but it stills does... O.o Oh well...

Hahahah.. Thanks to The78thdude for telling me I said my backgrounds didn't fit. ^____^

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