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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What a horribly sad day. The love of my life is going into the Marines tomorrow morning, and I have yet to shed a single tear for his departure. Is that cruel of me? Perhaps inhumane? I don't know..

He's gonna be gone, and it's gonna be hard. Really hard.. Will I be able to handle it? I sure hope I can.
I don't think I've ever hugged anybody that tight. But I didn't see him lettin go... X3
No.. I can't get cocky. Thi s is no time or place for that...

In a little happier news..

I got presents... But um... They make me kinda sad. Cuz they're from Jesse...

I can't type anymore. I no longer have any drive to do anything anymore. I'm sorry. I'll keep in touch.
Wow.. That went dippressing rather quickly.. XD

ANyway.. Shower time. Stinky needs to get clean before she has to go back to school tomorrow.... ugh... Don't.... wanna... gooooo...................

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