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Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm back. For now. Don't expect a whole lot of me yet. I'm still workin things out. It's not as heated and complicated. I might tell you someday. After it's gone away. Which may never really happen.. If people can't learn how to drop something... -_-
God I laugh friends... female friends inparticular. Especially the ones that bring drama on their backs wherever they may go. It's wonderful. X3

Some more bad news... I SPRAINED MY ANKLE! T^T
That means no skating for pretty much at least a week. That makes mesad. I've gone ten years without hurting myself skating. Then one day comes along, right before my school goes on break and BAM! I sprain my ankle. God must really love me. ^^

Well...... good news....?

Yeah, I don't really have any.. I guess you could say that I came back! That's good news! Right?
I'm hopeless... In more ways than one. But we'll save that one for another time.

They started FMA all over again. Ya know, I absolutely lve that show, but this is like, the 3 time through. It's killin me to continue watching it. They need to show the movie is what they need to do! XD

Well.. I need to go watch Fantasia. So I'll see about coming and getting back on later.

Edit: For those who can watch YouTube videos... Here!

Everyone's a little bit racist! X3

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