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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello my lovelies! I'm sorry I couldn't come around last time I said I would. I did some visiting today, and it feels good. X3

Thanks so much for the support with my skating. It helps to hear what you all have to say. Actually, if any of you would like to see our program, and are able to watch videos on YouTube, Click here!
If you can't watch them, I'm sorry for having to put you through that being there. Just a click away. I'm so mean! XD
I'm not sure who took that video, but it's the only one I can find. And it's a bit screwy. It's like they sped the tape up or something. And it jumps. So just for your own knowledge if you watched it, We aren't THAT fast. It'd be nice though. ^^

I don't have much to say, so I guess I'll talk a little about school.

It's going alright. My favorite class is still French. My class is hilarious and only has 12 people in it. My teacher is amazing. He's in the Navy. So he's a more serious guy. But lately, he's been loosening up and laughing a whole lot more. I like him bettr like he is now. He's more phone that way. And I have french ringtones so he let me get out my phone (for the second day now!) and play them. Only because it MC Solaar though. French rappers make my life! XD

I hate eating lunch at my school SO much. I don't know ANYBODY in my lunch. all of my friends have A lunch. And I'm stuck in C. ALL year. I hate it. It kills me mood thinking of where I"m gonna sit today, or the nest. I hate when people watch me, espeacially when I'm alone and I'm just wondering looking for ANYBODY I know to eat with. It makes me so sad. And I'm probably better of eating in the bathroom..
It's horrible. Next year, I hope I have friends in my lunch..

Well, how have you all been? I sure hope you're doing well!
Well.. I need to go et ready for church tonight. I gotsta shower before I go. I think I might straighten my hair as well.. ^^
I love my hair straight. Its's naturally curly so It's nice to have it straight for a change.


Edit: Oh! And what would you guys say if I said I was gonna change my theme again? Would any of you have any suggestions?

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