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Sunday, January 21, 2007

I know I didn't say anything about it when I left, but on Wednesday, I left to go to chicago. We were going to Chicago to compete at our biggest competition.. However, it turned into a 4 day mess. The entire team was getting mad at each other. People had horrible attitudes. Which of course, I'm the captain so of course I can take care of it. *note the heavy sarcasm*
I was overloaded with things to deal with. everybody was stressed and in a foul mood. And to top it all off... We got dead last. It was very disappointing I'll admit.
Things like getting last almost every competition would seem more bareable had we not had the season we had last year.
We were #1 in our division last season. ALL SEASON. We had it made. But this season rolled around, and my coach decided we need a little more of a challenge and that we'd be in a higher division this year. Which is cool, I totally understand. but when you go from #1 to dead last in one season, it can get really discouraging.
Needless to say, we didn't qualify for Nationals which is a sad thought. But there's always next season! That's what I'm looking foward to. And even though it would be awesome to have been captain of the #1 team, I'm still so proud of the way the girls on my team skated. We had an amazing skate. The best of our season.

So... I'm hear to let you know about my absence. And that is why. I went out of town.

Boy I've missed you guys. I really wish I had more time to visit today. I'm terribly sorry. First I'm gone for 4 days with out so much as a notice, then I come back and say I can't visit.
Maybe tonight. But we'll have to wait and see what happens.

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