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Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve!!

I crack myself up! In my last post I said I'd put up a new picture to count down the days til Christmas. And what do I do? I get busy and go to Frankenmuth and don't update til Christmas Eve! How crazy can I get! It's outrageous!

But I'm ACTUALLY supposed to be cleaning my room, but my parents are gone at the moment. And what they don't know won't hurt them! ^_^ I'm such a rebel! Well, the only real reason I'm posting tis to put up my count down!

YAAY! I'm sooo excited for Christmas this year! When you guys open your presents, I want you to tell me what you got! Cuz I enjoy hearing about it! ^_^ I'm just such a listener, that's why.

Well, happy holidays everybody! I hope you enjoy the season!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Well... I decided i wanted to make a card for all you who are my friends here at theO!! ^_^ And of course, it's a christmas card, since ya know, it's just about christmas! But that's all I really want to say so here it is! You are free to do what you wish with it! And if you have any, i'd love to put them up on my site! ^_^ So just let me know!

And here's the link if you wanna make it easy on yourself! And yes, that's my photo bucket name..

That's gonna be my Christmas count down picture! I love it! ^_^ And of course, I'll change it everyday. As long as i can get on the computer! ^_~

See ya!!

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sorry about the picture in the last post not showing up! *avoids thrown objects* I had, at first, uploaded it on this site. So i had to delete it and put it on my other site, which made the picture not wanna work, and all that other complicated stuff. So I say from the bottom of my heart, I AM SORRY! I'm trying to get the picture up on my other name.

In other news, today I'm going rollerblading with my cousin, Sam. I'm uber excited too! Even though it's for one of her friends b-day parties. she told me she almost got in a fight with these two girls that are going so she doesn't wanna go alone. So I get to be the big bad cousin protecting her! ^_^ Just imagining that makes me laugh! What are you guys doing this weekend? I wanna know! It interests me to hear about them! ^_^

OOOhhh mmmyyy goooddnneesssss!!! I'm soo sad that s-cry-ed ended! it was such a good show! I think I missed maybe 1 or 2! And the whole time, i never knew that Kanami was an alter user... not til she came out and said it. It makes me want to buy it. Maybe when I get money O_o

I don't know where i saw this or who made it, but i love it! ^_^

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Friday, December 16, 2005

New Picture!

I uploded a new picture!! It's of an ice skater, she just doean't have any ice skates on. Cause I can't draw them.. ^_^' *sigh* Well.. I wish I hadn't inked it yet, or at least I wish I would have taken more time inking it. I messed up on her hand's pinky. And from her waist down, she's really skinny, and it looks kinda funny. AND her head's out of proportion. Too big... The picture in general looked so much better in pencil. But whatever, what can you do? Shit happens. I'll at least put it up here on my site to let you guys see it, though! ^_^

Maybe I'll try drawing some skates on her, someday... BEFORE I color it though.

Sooo... school sucked today like usual. Except English, as much as I hate that class, it's still fun. This whole week we've watched Batman. The very first one. And now we are gonna have to write a paper on how ridiculous it truely is. My teacher used the word 'ridicularity'. but i mean, it's not even a REAL word!! It made me laugh. And he told us a story about how he had a snowball fight with a bunch of 4-8 year old, and how unfair it was for them. Here's part of what he said to us..

"All you saw was a bunch of little kids *holding his hand at his waist* this high running and me chasing right behind them. Just chucking snowballs at them. I'd wind back my arm, then just *making sound effects* VOOOOM! CHSSHH! And the kids had on those HUGE coats so it wasn't like it hurt them..."

That story made me laugh so hard. It was great!

That is all for this post! ^_^

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So today and Monday, my skating rink had a Christmas show it does every year. Me and my two friends were in it, and we skated to "You're a mean one Mr. Grinch". It was great! Patricia was the Grinch, Kelly was Cindy and I was Max the dog! Yay for Max! but it was sooo much fun. I had the ONE antler and everything! I must say that it was very enjoyable as well.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just posting to say I changed my theme to a christmas one! ^_^ Hope you guys lke it! And all my pictures I used came from what came up on google.com! I love google..

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

God, I'm soo geeked to tell you all about my competition I just got back from! It was in Cape Cod. But we were kinda worried since we had never seen these teams skate before. So after we skated we watched the rest of the teams skate , and they weren't actually all that good. I don't wanna be mean though. And while we were waiting for the results, me and a couple girls from my team were talking to some moms from another team, they weren't in our division though, and we started hearing screaming. And we weren't sure who it was. But it turned out it was girls from MY team screaming because we got FIRST! FIRST baby! we got ALL 1's!! It was AMAZING!! God, when we watched the tape with all the teams, we watched us twice, and we really did do a good job! it was very much fun but now the fun has ended.

And in concluding this post, I shall ask about all your weekends! Soo.. how were they?

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Monday, December 5, 2005

So I realized I just kinda left you guys hangin with my skating competition!! Silly me. ^_^ But any way, my team got 3rd! Which is pretty good! It was outta 8, and we had a couple falls, so 3rd is understandable! But I'm very happy with the way we skated. And the fall we had right at the end was hilarious , so I'll try my best to explain it. And I'm just gonna keep throwing names out there so don't worry about not knowing who they all are! ^_^

So here it goes! At the end of our program we all kinda do something in solos, duos or groups. (I'm in a duet thing) WAIT!! i think im gonna draw a picture in paint for you! *goes in paint and draws a picture on paint*

-10 minutes later-

Ok, here's the picture:

Ok, so the girls that are purple dots are spinning, the girls that are green dots are jumping, and the girls that are orange dots are doind something way to hard to explain ^_^, and the girls with black dots are the ones I'm going to talk about. And Iknow it's hard to see, but the purple dot with the black dot in it is the furthest to the left! ^_^ So here it goes! The purple/ black dot is doing her spin, and the green/black /GREEN IN THE BLACK DOT girl does her jump, but when she landed, she hit the purple/black dot girl, and they both fell. so the green/black dot (NO GREEN IN THE BLACK!!) jumped, actually it was more of a dive, OVER the two girls that had fallen, and on her stomach I might add. Then she got up and hit her ending pose. But it's probably not as funny if you didn't see it but still, just try to imagine that on the ice rink I TRIED to draw for you! It was HILARIOUS to watch on video. And if you're wondering which girl i am, im the orange girl with the purple-ish dot doing some sweet move with my partner!

But that's ll I wanted to tell you see later! ^_^

Actually, I just read one of my post from a couple days ago, and I DIDN'T leave you guys hangin! My bad! I guess you get to hear the news twice cuz I don't feel like deleting that whole section! ^_^

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Here it is!

To my piccy-poo!

Well, here's the link I promised! And I'll keep saying it, I really like how it turned out! I think it's probably the best I've ever done! ^_^ But that's all I've got for today so I need to go get ready for skating tonight! I'm excited cuz I don't have conditioning tonight! ^_^ But I think I'll kinda miss it actually! It keeps me in some sort of shape! ^_~

PRETTY PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT ON MY PICTURE! I'd sure like that. But you don't have to if you don't want to. I won't make you! ^_^ I just ask that you at least to a look at it. I'm tellin you it's a good one.

Have a good day my dear friends! And may you have a sense of peace throughout the day! ^_^

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Yippy Skippy!!

Soo... at my skating competition today, my team got 3rd out 8 teams. I'm VERY happy with the way we performed so getting third doesnt bum me out at all! ^_^ We had a few people fall but other than that we did wonderful! iI think it was because we had to skate so early that we didnt get 2nd or 1st. but what ev.

*squeals delightfully* I colored my picture of Kagome!! And I'm, again very pleased with how it turned out! And I submitted it not to long ago too. So hopefully it will be up soon! Cuz if it doesn't, I can't make a lil shortcut for so you don't have to wait for my other site to load then wait for my pictures to load.. It's a drag when you have to wait a long time! So for now, I won't have a button to click. But once it's up, believe me there will be one! ^_^

While I was coloring my picture, cuz I went to Michael's today and got what I needed, my upper back and neck started hurting like hell! It was horrible! You see, I dont have a sweet desk to draw on, OH NO! I have the nice hard floor! Actually, IT'S CARPET! So I need to lay down when I want to draw. Which also means i need to draw on a book.. very sucky!! But i manage I guess...

So how are you all doing this fine week-end? Having fun? I hope so! ^_^ Well, I'm out til further notice!

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