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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

WOOOOOT!! ^_^ So I changed my theme.. yea.. I'm rockin the Gravitation now!! haha I hope you like it, cuz I do!

So I've heard about Shuichi having brown hair and blonde hair, but I don't know where people are getting it. And I REALLY want to know!! T_T

Well, today's post is a shorty, cuz I only really wanted to inform you that I have changed my theme. ^_^ I have skating today.. I guess that's some sort of news, but not really. I have it every week.. Hmm... I can't think of anything.

Waaaait.. hold up.. I remembered something about yesterday. My friend was talking to this kid from my church (the one who used to like me for a LOONG time, and might still). His name is Tory. But Katie (my friend) didn't want to keep talking to him, and he would talk to her EVERY time she got online. And it was starting to make her mad. So she told me to tell to stop talking to her, which I did. And I reaally really REALLY don't like this kid, so I guess I was kinda bitchy about it, but I don't care. I had to get my point across to him. But what does he do? He goes and IMs Katie and tells her what I said to him. So of course, being the superb friend she is, Katie tells me. So I IM Tory again and start going off on him for talking to Katie again. He told me I had no control over who he talks to. Which is true. But I was somewhat mad because he went and told her what I had said (but I really didn't care THAT much). And he called me frakin bi-polar. So I got offline and let my friend Hillary, who was over, go online. And right away Tory IMs her and asks what was up with me. Hillary said she knew and he asked what. He should know that curiousity killed the cat.. So Hillary then says something about how if he didn't know because I didn't tell him, then I obviously didn't want him to know and she shouldn't go and open her mouth about it. I thought it was hilarious cuz I was sitting right there the whole time!!

Well, that's the story of the day folks! And now, to you I say,
Good day!

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Monday, March 6, 2006

WOW... i was just typing this semi-long post.. and it just kinda vanished.. yep, I don't know what happened to it.. But I guess I'll type part of it again.. I was just saying that my school had an amazing motivational speaker today. And it was really touching what he talked about. But even after that, with the feeling that he was talking straight to me, although he wasn't, I still feel upset. I cried last night. Really hard. I was talking to my mom in New Orleans. I feel really emotional right now too.. But I don't want to burden you with all my problems. It wouldn't be fair. No, not at all. So I won't speak of them.

So, how was YOUR day? Yes, you! *points at the computer* Don't think I don't see you!!!

I've been thinking about changing my theme.. AGAIN! To Gravitation, cuz I'm obsessed! ^_^ But we'll see.. just keep your eyes peeled for a new theme! *peels eyes with potato peeler* ouch...that hurts..

Hmmmm..... time has slipped by me so I must be going!

I love this song! It makes me happy, it's soo pretty. And this video goes soo well with this show..

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Wow, this homework is taking forever! In my drawing calss, I have to draw three skulls, but all different angles. That's fine and all, I have 1 1/2 done. And only 1 1/2 because I got the bright i dea to Stipple my second one.. Ugh.. It's taking forever. But it looks pretty sweet so it's ok. And I'm REALLY surprised with my patience with it. Two days straight and I'm not pulling my hair out yet.. But still..

I feel like that! T_T Oh weelll...

Oh boy! I discovered a new favorite anime of mine! GRAVITATION! Oh god, it's amazing! I love it! I started watching it today, and that means I've been sitting on my computer for a LOOONG time. But it's time well spent! Right now I'm waiting for the 10th episode to load. I must say, Yuki and Hiro are my favs.. I absolutely ADORE Hiro's hair! i just want to pet it! X3 And in celebration of this new found joy of mine, I think I'll put up some pictrues of it!! YAY! ^_^


*points* I wanna play with HIS hair!! ^_^
That should do for now. Well, I'll be off now! I hope your day was good! And sorry this post is soo late... my bad...^3^

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Friday, March 3, 2006

Today's post may be a bit.. for lack of better words, depressing. Well in my opinion it is. So here we go..

I found out today that one of my friends who also goes to my church, her step ather is the youth pastor, is leaving for a different church. And also, last week, my other friend from church left. well, her whole family left. That definitely didn't start my day off happily. All was going half-way well, until I got to history. I HAAATE history. You don't even know. But since I was absent yesterday, I had to make up my test. Well.. to make a short story even shorter, I got a D on it. Which in all honesty isn't a real surprise. But then he gave us all progress reports, and I have a D in the class. D+ in homework, D in tests and quizzes. Shoot me in the face. At the beginning of the semester I told myself I was gonna keep a good grade in that class. And there goes that goal. I also have an English paper to write so wish me luck with that. I'm just about the worst writer in the world.

Also tonight, my mom and three of my friends, one of which is pretty much the love of my life ^_~, are going down to NewOrleans to help rebuild a church or something down there. I've kinda lost interest in church. My church is practically falling apart too. I mean, we're in the middle of getting a new pastor, we're trying to remodel our church, and people honestly expect this to happen. I don't get how, if EVERYBODY KEEPS LEAVING OUR CHURCH! It makes absolutely no sense. None at all. If you want something to grow, then turn around and leave it, it's gonna die, no doubt.

But I guess that's really all for today. I've got loads of homework to do so I REALLY must get started if I expect to finish it all. And sorry I haven't posted in a while, and when I finally do, it's pretty much all ranting! -_-
Have a good day!

I know I've used this picture already but I really do love it! That's pretty much how I feel right now. But.. portrayed in a pic of Sesshy! ^_^

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Friday, February 24, 2006

I just got back from doing a lil shopping with my mother. I needed a new dance pad for my PS2, DDR baby! hellz yea! And while we were in GameStop, I saw this game i played in Frankenmuth called like Drum Master or something. So I begged my mom to buy it for me, and now I'm about 50$ in the can.. Oh well, I got a new game out of it! ^_^

That's really all I've got for now.. But how you all doing? Good I hope! I really must be going now. Sorry it's so short!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

I think I'm getting sick.. I woke up today, couldn't breathe at all through my nose, i was coughing, sneezing.. Ugh it was bad.. And it's not really going away, so it's not like one of those, you wake up all congested then it's over. Nope, it's one of those, you wake up congested and it doesn't want to go away.. THIS SUCKS!! And I have to skate today.. *groans* I don't wanna go today.. I don't skate well in this condition anyways! I get all wobbley. Like a weeble! (sp?)

Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!

I'm obviously not a weeble.. ^_~

Last night, I went and saw The Pink Panther, and I soo recommend it! It is the funniest thing I've seen in a loong time! It's still making me laugh just thinking about it. So DEFINITELY go and see it! It's amazing!

I'm gonna put a few AMV's up, they go together! ^_~
The Test..

Ninja of the Night..

Special Edition NotN..

Oh man.. whoever got the idea to make those is my freakin hero! I absolutely love all three! They are hilarious! Especially the chipmunks! Those just made my day...

And btw, I changed my theme again! Cuz I love my Zelos! And I love the picture I used for my bg. It makes me giggle. Especially all their expressions! ^_^

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I figured something out today.. My PM box was full!! So if anybody was trying to PM e.. im sorry! I shouldve checked it sooner. I was starting to wonder if I smelt bad or something, and nobody wanted to talk to me.. ^_^

Well, today is going to be an exciting day! I have to go in to skating early to practice my dances with the guy I'll be testing them with. Then it's off to BK for dinner. It's crazy, the people that work there are always the same so they know us. And they give us a WHOLE KETCHUP BOTTLE instead of those annoying little packets. its amazing! sometimes they even give a us a free meal if we dont have any money. Theyre so nice! One of the ladies went in for surgery so we are gonna make her a card! I'm actually pretty excited. but anywho, after some tasty BK I gotta come back to the rink for some more synchro practic! I'm sooooo excited for that too! Remember what I said in my last post about it? Yea, I can't wait to learn more of our program!

So how are you doing this fine February day? Anything fun? I hope so. Boring days are so not fun! WEll, I have to go so have a nice day!

This is a really nice video! I really like the song too..

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wow.. i like how I completely missed updating yesterday! My bad! >_< Well, I DID happen to make a Valentine's Day card for you all!! So I'll put it up even though I'm late with it. And I submitted a picture for Valentine's day! Please look out for it!

Aren't they so cute?? I think so..

Well, for those who were curious, my V-Day sucked.. like woah! I had to go skating all day. But that was at least fun! We're learning our show program (since we are done competing) and we skate to George of the Jungle. But not the ooh so common 'George, George, George of the Jungle'. Ya know the tune right? But in the beginning, me and another girl carry a pole on our shoulders to center ice while another girls hangs from it! IT IS SOOOO COOL! You don't even know! ^_~ Then she gets done and we start doing some crazy cool dance! I swear it's amazing!

Well... sorry it's so late. And in my last post, I mention those four people who wished me luck.. and I felt bad after I read my comments. Cuz you all were so sorry for not wishing us luck and all that. And it made ME feel bad. So I'd like to say, I'm sorry about that!

I'm tired so I'm going to bed! AND YOU SHOULD TOO! ^_~

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Monday, February 13, 2006

So, Saturday at the competition... we got first! Straight 1's again! This season has been the best season we've EVER had. We got 5 first places and 1 third, all season. That's soo exciting you don't even know! ^_^

And thank you for the few of you who wished me luck! Those few would beee.... LonerHeart, Lytjuh, Len23, and Dark Cloud. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!

Are you all excited for Valentine's Day or what?? I am a little. And another question, hopefully you won't find it too personal but do you have any special plans?? Cuz I'm just curious like that. But if you don't feel like answering, then by all means, don't answer! ^_^

Well, I have no time to find a good AMV so I won't put one up today.. SORRY!!! And have a nice day! ^_^

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

So a couple of things are going on today/tonight. First, I have the last competition of the season. And I'm soo excited you don't even know! and after we compete we can start our new program for our skating rinks annual ice show we have. That's gonna be cool too cuz the theme is a jungle theme. We did eauty and the beast i think 2 years ago.

Second is that I have my school's Winterfest, well, they call it coming home. But i think that's retarded.. So I just say Winterfest. It's easier.. But I'm not gonna have ANY time to get ready. I thin I'll have maybe 2-3 hours to get ready. And i guess it's good a thing I won't take forever to get ready for the dance.

How are you all doing? I sure hope you're doing well. I am I know that much. And yesterday was such a good day. My youth group went skating at a nearby ice rink. It was sooo much fun! And i got to teach everybody how to skate! It was great! And we were passing around a water bottle on the ice, and I started crouching done while I was moving, and i don't know how it happened, but i guess i hit my toepicks and did a face plant on the ice pretty much. But I landed on my hip first, so now it's got a huge bruise on it. And it better not hurt while Icompete today. Id be disappointed...

Well I need to go, but I'll post sometime today or tomorrow and let you all know how my team did at our last competition! ^_^

It's kinda sad.. I miss Maes..

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