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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Holy crap I hate my life! I was just typing my post in word, and guess what it decided to do!! It deleted my post! I was alost done too... T^T That angers me. It's not th first time it's happened either!

I'll do a little recap of what I HAD said.. It went a lil somthing like this...

HOLY CRAP!! That poor cat! It's getting a bath and it looks like a wet sewer rat! ^_^

I don't think I'll be able to visit all sites tonight! Sorry! I have to eat dinner soon and I think I'm hanging out with my friend Sara after, I think..

Oh, I hate school, the juniors are MEAPing so we have block schedules. Itt suuuuucks! some classes are 2 hours long!! T^T BUT! In my drawing class, there's this really hot kid that sits at my table an dhe's ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! His name's Joe. I don't know if any of you remember but a couple post ago, I was telling you about my 'friend' saying I liked a whole bunch of people. Well, joe was one of them. But I don't like him like THAT, but he is extremely hot! ^_~

Oh! My sister, who's havnig twins, went in to get an ultrasound. I got to se the babies!! It was exciting. The doctor said it looks like the one on the left is a boy, but she's not ENTIRELY sure.

My Japanese name is Aya Marubeni.
Take The Original Japanese Name Generator by Shu today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

took that at koga-lexi's site! ^_^

Well, I've nothing else to say soo..

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Ooooppss..... It's been a while since I posted. And in the time between, I UPLOADED SOME ART! woot!So, here's the links for those..
Blazing Fire
Shh, Quietly
Yep, I hope you like them. I did those a while back actually.

Oh man, have any of you heard of Stay Alive? It's the new horror movie. Well, I went and saw it with my friends, Sara and Jesse. Sara told me she wanted jesse to sit between us. Silly girl, wonder why.. *snicker* Anyway, the movie was... alright. I mean, it WAS scary. In my opinion, which doesn't count for much when it comes to scary movies. Cuz I HATE them. And I don't know why I put myself through watching them when I tell myself I'm not gonna see a scary movie again.. But back to the movie. It had the WORST romantic scene, if you can call it that, I've EVER seen. It was awful!! I don't want to give it away, it's not much and I want go into ANY detail, but I mean, the guys girlfriend just got killed and he kisses some other girl they were friends with.. COME ON!! You'd have to actually see it, but man o man.. I've never seen such a horribly placed romantic scene. BUT... If you like horror movies, it's not TOO bad. I guess I couuld reccommend it. Even though it scared the pants off of me! ^_^ Almost literally. Sara was squeezing my hand so hard, I;m surprised I still have fingers!

Well, I must be going now. I have to go clean.. woohoo... note the sarcasm..
Good Day!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yep, today was pretty much the crappiest day of my life. I found out that people like to talk about me behind my back. Which is no suprise, cuz people are such jackasses... But apparently I like this kid in my art class, says my friend Katie, and apparently I like this other kid we're all friends with, who btw is gay but i have my doubts. He's had a girlfriend, but whatever. And Katie and Nicole, in Chemistry today, were like, 'Well what happened to Jesse? Did he just diappear?' I'm like , 'No, he's still there...' It pretty much ruined my day. Am I not allowed to like people? Is it such a big deal that, ooooo, I like more than one person? I mean, it's not like I want to hook up with any of them really, so why does it matter? And Nicole was telling me, 'Oh, it's all through the grape vine!' So I asked who started his grape vine. And she says she can't tell me. It pissed me off more than anything. My best friend can't even tell me who's talking shit about me. She's probably one of them. I know Katie does. It's pretty much a fact. And yet, I still can't figure out why I haven't stopped being their friend. All I know is that I trusted Nicole, and she pretty much just stabbed me in the back today. I'm REEEAALLY upset right now. And she was also trying to tell me my friend Hillary was involved in all this. But she's got nothing to do with it. Now I really wanna go and crawl in a hole and be by myself. But more upset than when I didn't start coloring my picture... speaking of that.. heres the link!
To The Piccy!
I hope you enjoy it! I've already gotten a couple votes and comments. Which I greatly appreciate it!

God, I'm trying so hard to be happy, bt it's just not working. So I don't know if I can get to all your sites! I'm REEEALLY sorry. I just don't feel up to it.And with that, I'm going to go now. Sorry you had to sit through all that just to get to my link. Well you didn't HAVE to. But yea... I MIGHT repost later, if I feel better.. But probably not so don't expect anything..

Holy crap, this is amazing. It's so perfectly made, and I just adore this song. Yep.. I hope you like it too!

I'm putting up these videos even though they use the same song. Oh well.. I'll be putting up one more I think.. We'll have to wait and see..
*goes and watches vidoe*
Nope, that one sucked, so it's not going up!
I'm out!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GUESS WHAT! GUESS WHAT!! GUESS WHAT!!! I FINALLY colored my piccy! ^_^ I just uploaded it so it will be a short length of time before it's officially up. So PLEASE keep a look out for it! PLEEEEEEEASE!!!
I'll even stoop to begging if that's what it takes!

I started getting frustrated with my avatar for a minute. And I was like," WHY WON'T IT CHANGE!!??" Turns out I didn't have it in JPEG format!
*smacks forehead*
DUH! I should have actually read what the little red message said instead of thinking it had said my picture changed... Silly me! ^_^

Oh and btw, I'll put up the link to my piccy as soon as it's up! So expect it to be up sometime tomorrow! ^_^ And sorry I'm posting later than usual! I had to go to skating! But now I'm off to visit all ya'lls sites! And I WILL get to them ALL! I promise!
Good night everybody! Sweet dreams! ^_~

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Well, I changed my site again! ^_^ LOVELESS!!!! I'm a little disappointed with the background though.. it won't work correctly. but oh well.. I'll deal with it for now. But it would have been GREAT if it woulda worked. ^_~ And I hope you can here the music. If not, let me know and I'll change it! But I really like that song and I wish it would work for me!

So.. uh... don't hate me but... I never started my coloring yesterday... I got lazy like always...
*runs off to crawl in a hole*

*shouted from the hole*
I have skating today from 12:30 to 2:30! What fun.. But I'm really excited! ^_^ I wish I could have you listen to music! It's amazing! OOOOOOOOO....... and if any of you were looking from that french song i spoke of, Click Here for the whole song. It kinda sucks in the beginning but what can you do? It's a live concert. And I still wish I could find the CD version. I checked everywhere!!! Right now I'm listening to AurionAddict's music from her site. It makes my day so much better! you should give that a listen too! When you get a chance that is. And her icon is amazing! And... YOU AMAZE MY RACHEL!!!! no need for crazy usernames right now! Not when I'm AMAZED!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!

I should probably go before I scare you all away...

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hello everybody!! I'm baaaaaaack!!!
And I've been listening to the great french song since yesterday. It's by Corneille and the songs called Parce Qu'on Vient de Loin, which means Because One Comes by Far. It's an amazing song. And I FINALLY found the full version, but it's from a live concert so it's not as good as the CD version. But I'm not complaining cuz I get to at least listen to the song. I suggest you go and listen to it... If you can find it!! ^_^ I had one hell of a time finding the live version..

Thank you those of you who went and commented on my drawing and gave me suggestions for colors! I'll be coloring it soon! Hopefully it will still look good after it's colored.. ^_^ We'll have to wait and see. I'm gonna try to get it done today.

Well, Ima go and I'll try to get to everybody's sites! I've been bad lately again.. I'm sorry! *bows* Please forgive me!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Woah.. It's been a couple a days hasn't it?? Sorry about that! ^_^

So a few of you wanted to know what movie I went to see. We went and sw Failure to Launch. And it was a pretty good movie, which i recommend you all see! It's pretty funny. And in a weird way, really interesting.

And thank you all who commented and voted on my picture! I really appreciate your support. And the majority wanted to see it colored so I think I'll do that. But yea.. I'm kinda stuck with what colors I want to make her! Any ideas? Like, what color should her hair be? Eyes? Her uniform? EARS!? ^_^ Just some suggestions would be nice and greatly appreciated.

So as I'm typing this up, I've got my music on my site playing. It's making me very happy. ^_^
Oh! Guess what hapened yesterday! I got a penny chucked at my head at lunch. By my friend Katie.. Some friend huh? haha.. Also I spilt my Hi-C on my chicken tender basket. Only a few drops though.. But I was still a little disappointed. I'll tell you the story. It's rather humorous!

So I got my basket and went over to the 'fountain drink dispenser' (i can't think of what it's called riht now..) and start gettin my Hi-C. And when it starts to get to the top, I pull my cup a little away from the lever that makes it come out right? Well it sputters and keeps coming out. So I pull my cup away quickly so it doesn't overflow.. Bad idea.. I spilt Hi-C on my chicken and fries.. AND THE HI-C IS STILL COMING OUT OF THE THING! But finally it stopped as we were walking away though..

Yea, that's it for today..
Good day!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006



From Go-Quiz.com

BAHAHAHAHA! That's hilarious! ^_^ It found that on Jessybllu's site. I love it!

Sooo.... I posed some new art! ^_^ I really like how it turned out too! I'd say it's one of my better drawings. I'm not sure what I want to do with it though.. But I want to do more so it's not just some lineart... Any ideas??I'll put up a link for you to see it! ^_^

Click Here!

Yep.. there it is.. please just take a peek! and comments are always nice! ^_^

Well not much is going on today. I might be going to the movies, MIGHT BE. I'm not sure though. All I know is that I'm going to be hanging out with sara today. I'm so excited. She just got back from New Orleans! And speaking of that, I've never felt so good in my life! I feel really happy now that they are back! *nods head* Yes, very happy..

I will be etting toeverybody's sites today, hopefully. But I can't make any promises!!

Well... how are you doing this lovely Saturday?? heh.. I'm going to get some Subway later! MMMMMM...


Heck yes! I'm soo excited for that too!
Well.. I must be going. I have thigns to attend to.
Good day!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

As of right now, I have been to everybody's sites, AGAIN! So if you post after now, there's a slight chance I might not get to you! But I'm so proud of myself again! ^_^

I'm more excited than you can ever possibly be right now! You know how I told you about my mom and a few of my friends went down to New Orleans? Yea well... they're on their way back right now! They are in Ohio and are stopping for dinner. So they will be home tonight! I can't wait! I want to see them sooo bad, you don't even know. And now I won't have a reason to be sad! Or lonely. I'm kinda sad and happy for next month. My mom and my dad are going to South Carolina. My dad is going golfing with HIS dad, and my mom is just kinda going along too. I'm happy cuz my parents won't be home, but I'm sad cuz my mom has been leaving a lot lately. So I've been starting to miss her. But I feel so much more free when she's not around. Is that a bad thing? Ah well..

Don't watch this unless you wanna see the KH2 opening and ending! But I mean, who in their right mind wouldn't?? ^_~
The opening...

And the ending...

WOOT! I can't wait til that comes out! March 28th!! My friend Nicole wrote it all over my arms and hangds too.. So there's no possible way for me to forget! ^_^

Good day!

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

My good god! My dog is being so annoying right now! He keeps whining at me. Can't he see I'm busy right now? Wait.. no I'm not! *huggles Zeus* He's my baby boy! I'm kinda sad though, he might have to have his right leg operated on. And he JUST had surgery on his left leg. HE'S BARELY 1 1/2!! Good god dog! Take better care of yourself!

I'm soo proud of myself! I actually got to EVERYBODY'S sites today! ^_^ I usually get bored, then I feel bad when I don't visit everybody. For some reason, I have a very long attention span right now. Usually it's REALLY short...

I'm kinda tired.. I need sleep... And a shower.. And that means I have to get up early.. -_- I don't wanna!! I accidentally slept in today. But not enough to miss that damned bus to the hellhole I refer to as school... *growls* I haaaate it...

oooppssss... I just ran off and started playing with my dogs.. They are soo cute! ^_^ I love them soo much! They make me very happy. My only problem with them is:

Zeus is a very jealous dog
Casey is a skitso

Oh well.... can't do anything about it I guess.. But I'm off to bed now.
But guess what! I have a new cursor for my site! ^_^ I found a sweet website with all kinds of them! I'm uber excited now! I can see it changing VEEEERY often too..

Good night everybody!!

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