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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I uploaded ANOTHER picture! And I think that's gotta be one of my best! Color wise at least.. It's not my best DRAWING because I drew her hand BACKWARDS!! O_O Who freaking does that!?! Not me thats for sure.. *shifty eyes* What? It's not like I meant to! Everytime I looked at it, specifically that hand, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Then I started coloring, and it hit me. It was the way her hand was facing that looked so f-ed up... And sorry the outlining is so rough. It was late. Oh well, please check it out! here's the link.
+Rise and Shine+
(you can now click that and it will take you to the piccy!)
*wipes forhead* that was one heck of a code to put together. Not really actually. It just took a lot of effort at *looks at clock* 9:15 in the morning.. ^_^

Hopefully, today I can go and get my costume for my french project thats due Monday.. It's a biggin... I need this grade, it SHOULD boost my grade up some. I have a D I think. But it's not because I don't know anything.. I do, I just forgot to turn in our stupid flash cards worth 119 points!! >_< stupid stupid stupid... *hits head rapidly*

So, how are yooou? Doin good? I hope so!
Well, I can't think of anything to say soo.. yea. I might get back on later and add something to this if I do something REALLY exciting.. But for some reason.. I don't see it happening..

I just can't get over how adorable he is!! *huggles Ritsuka* ^_^

I just added this! I love this picture so I thought Id make it a puzzle!! ^_^

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Friday, April 28, 2006

How are you? I'm in such a good mood right now. Don't know why though.. perhaps it's because it's Friday. God I love Fridays.

I went with my mom to her softball practice yesterday. Actually, let me rephrase that. I DROVE my mom to her softball practise yesterday! It was pretty fun actually. It's a team from my church, sorta. And a bunch of my friends are on it. But not me, I don't like playing softball. I'm strictly NOT a runner.. And I read The Catcher in the Rye. Not all of it, but more than I was supposed to for school! That's right! The I-hate-reading-SOOOO-much girl read EXTRA! I bet that's hard to believe! We had a quiz yesterday in English about the chapters we read before. And my teacher said my last answer was really good! -^_^- That's NEVER happened before in English. I felt pretty sweet, I'm not gonna lie!

I went to skated before soft ball yesterday too. I was having such a good day there too! I was jumping really good. I didn't practice any spins though.. I REALLY don't like spins. -_- Don't know why though.. My mom told me right as we were leaving that I was gonna skate an extra session. I 'accidentally' got on late too.. *whistles innocently* HEY! It's not like I was talking in the locker room or anything! ^_~ But then after the second session was almost over, I actually asked if she wanted me to skate the nest one too. Seeing as I was late and all.. She said no though.. Oh well..

I have to go skating again today. I didn't get to have my lesson yesterday and I've missed alot of my Thursday lessons so I'm having one to make up for it today! ^_^ I can't wait! Literally. No joking going on here!

Well, I'll be going now. I'll TRY to get to everybody's sites after skating. I really can't promise anything though. SORRY!!
Take care now, bye bye then.
I'll make some one a present if they can tell me what that's (^) from!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sorry for the long no-posting time! Even though I said I would when I got back from vacation.. That was last friday.. whooopsie!

Anywho, I am posting now and I have some great news for you! I.. have.. uploaded... A NEW PICCY!! ^_^ If you'd like to look at it, I just uploaded it so it will be a while. Or possibly not. Not too sure. But it's just a little doodle I did during History. What a boring class. I don't really like it. I have a C in it too... >_> I see absolutely NO connection there! Note the sarcasm. Anywho, the outfit she's got on is from a french cartoon! ^_^ I have a group project due May first. And my group is doing the french cartoon Asterix. I'd put the little accent mark there but.. sadly I don't know how. Oh well, it's not real important. But the outfit she's got on is one of the girls outfits from the cartoon. I sorta.. borrowed it, we'll say. ^_~ Sssshhhhh... *puts finger to mouth*

Well, I don't have too much more to say. I hope you are all doing well! *squirms* Ouch.. my leg hurts really bad. the whole entire freaking left leg! *rubs* And I don't even know why!

Hmmm.... I think I'll put some pictures from Loveless up for a while. Cuz the art is amazing! And thank ElvesAteMyRamen for bringing it up! I'm glad I went and checked it out. It's such a great show..

I love it! They are soo cute together! If you haven't seen the show, you should.. right now.. ^_~ You'll thank me if you do!!!

Well smellies, I am going to go. Cuz you stink.. NAAAAWWW!! I only play! I can't smell you through the computer! *mutters* thank god too *looks up and laughs nervously*
Oh gosh look at the time! I have to go!
*runs away*

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wow, I don't have much time so.. I'm just stoppin in to say hello! How is everybody? Better be doing good!

I'm on vacation in Illinois avec ma copine Sara.. which is french for... with my friend Sara! ^_^ Visiting her family.. ya know, the works.

Well that's basically all I have time for. See ya'll when I get home next week! ^_^

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Monday, April 10, 2006

WOW... today has not been a good day AT ALL!! We'll start at the beginning..

A week ago, approxamately, I had asked Jesse if he was coming to my ice show. He said he would. He said he would go to the one on Sunday. So I got excited for that. Sunday rolls around, and after the show, I go and meet up with my friends that came. He's not there. He didn't come. Apparently he had to make a CD for Sara and Angelica.. The bastard.. He's had WEEKS to do this. And he waits til SUNDAY to do it.. He knew I was upset with him last night at church, he even admitted he had no excuse for not coming. AND he even let me, what he called it, vent. And this was all over dinner as well.. He had basically ditched me, and that upset me so much.. But in a way, things are good between us. Except for today, Apparently, one of the times he's taken me home, a note from my friend Hillary (I have something to speak about her as well) to me fell out of my pocket.. Well, he just so happened to be a topic in a certain spot in this note.. Don't ask why, but we were talking about if me and Jesse got married and all that.. I'm tellin ya, DON'T ASK! It's something that happened a while ago! He'll probably blackmail me with it or something..

Onto Hillary.. first, she is never on good terms, to say, with her parents. She's is always getting in trouble, lyiing to them to see her boyfriend and crap like that. Well, she had also told me she wanted to come see the Ice Show. That didn't happen. She got grounded because she lied about going to the movies with her 2 friends when instead she went to see her bf. Not smart. Her mom had parked the car, cuz got that "motherly instinct" ya know? Needless to say, they never saw a movie, she got grounded, could'nt go to my ice show.. yada yada yada.. She's a fricken moron! She does this ALL THE TIME! I mean, you'd think you'd have learned something after being grounded for about a year or so, right? Guess not though.. But what gets me is today, after 6th hour, I usually walk with her and her bf to my locker and to the bus, and when I come out of my class I smile at her and she's all like, "Kayla, Oh my gosh I haven't seen you all day! Yuou werem't at my locker this morning.." I's like, "Hmm.. wonder how that happened" She acted as if nothing had happened.. Jerk...

Maybe I'm overreacting or something.. But I was soo upset!

Well, I have to go finish the last bit of my homework so..
Good Bye!

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

I think I might post a quicky before I have to leave again today. I have one more Ice Show to do today! I'm sooo excited! They tape this one! It's such a good one this year too! And I am too hyper right now!

I visited sites today!! not many but I figured I would do it anyway! So, I'm sorry if I don't visit EVERYBODY throughout the day. I'll be gone for most of it! ^_~

Hmmm.... I really don't have muh to talk about.. excpet... I hate writing poetry!! And we have to write a poem as if wee were part of the Beat generation.. umm.. do I look like I get high all the time? Do I look like a fricken hippie? Nnooooooo... didn't think so. I suck at poetry to begin with! And this poem is due TOMORROW! T^T This sucks...

Holy crap!!! I almost just tipped over in my char look for an AMV for you to watch! It scared me to no end! And my heart is like it's in a marathon right now! ^_^

I suppose this will do..

It's not the best, but I just ADORE the song! ^_^ And I hope you enjoy it as well..
I'm hungry so I'm gonna wrap this up and get some food!
Good Bye!

I found another AMV!!

If Roy were gay.. I'd pair him up with Ed!! ^_~

I also changed my theme!! ^_^

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Kaoru Nagisa & MoonNekoGoddess
were married on
April 09, 2006
Marry Your Favorite Character

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Friday, April 7, 2006


This weekend, I'm basically a prisoner at my ice rink. This is the weekend of our Ice Show!! I'm SSSOOOOOOOO excited for it! ^_^ I can't wait to see all my friends and skate and all that fun stuff.. sitting in a room for a few hours without being allowed to leave. Except to use the bathroom... Oh well, it will still be VERY fun, I can tell! ^_^

Yesterday I was upset, I had forgotten to do my French note cards, which is 117 points I don't get towards my grade. And since the 4th marking period JUST started, I have a D. I'm very upset with myself. I was soo excited for the new marking period, that way, I could start with a fresh grade, keep them all up, get unlimited texting for my phone.. I'm most upset about that. I've been wasting my money texting people even though I have to pay for it. Maybe if I wasn't so stupid sometimes..

I don't think I'll have time to visit anybody over the weekend, so I'll try and get to everybody before I leave tonight for my dress rehersal. And if anyone post afterwards, I'm sorry but I won't be able to visit!

In art, we were doing scratch boards, I'm basically in love with mine! ^_^ I'll scan it and see if it comes out ok..
*scans scratch board*
Nope, you can't see it.. That sucks, I was soo excited to show you guys too! T^T I suppose I could show you the pictures I used for at least! I used images from The Lion King. Here the are..

I put them in that general area. but it looks much cleaner then that.. sorta.. And I think it came out amazing actually! I'm just really disappointed I can't show you!

I must go pack up my belongings so I can head ut to my prison! ^_~ So I don't have time to look for a video for your viewing pleasure.. But I will use one I already used!

A glorious video! ^_^
Good Day!!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I love you guys! You make me soo happy! ^_^ And thanks for your concerns with my.. not feeling well. It's nice to know you care! ^_~ And I REALLY appreciate you all visiting me even though I don't regularly visit you all! It makes me feel bad, and I am VERY sorry!

And just to let you know, I am back at my house now. So that means I'll be on more again! ^_^ Exciting stuff right there...

I've been watching Loveless recenty. It's absolutely amazing! And I do believe it was ElvesAteMyRamen that had suggested this one to us all. Well, those that visit her.. But who wouldn't want to! ^_~ And Elvesie-chan, I SUPPOSE I can let you borrow the name Daisy! But it's just such a pretty name.. who wouldn't like it!

I have to make cookies tonight for Jesse.. He told me he wanted chocolate chip with WALLNUTS! I'm sorry but, I'm not gonna sugar coat this one, no beatin around the bush, I'm going to lay my cards on the table, no holding back... wallnuts make me want to puke. End of story! >_< Oh well though.. I'll try and make them anyway. BUT I HATE BAKING!!!! T^T

Well, I must be going now..
Good Day!

I just put this on here! A little.. after post gift! ^_~

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Sorry I haven't visited anybody. I'm staying at my friend's house while my parents are in South Carolina. But right now I'm at my house cuz my sis picked me up from school. I don't feel very good either. Hopefully I won't feel this bad for skating tonight! That would suck so bad! >_< So, I prolly won't be able to visit many people. But my parents are coming home tomorrow, so I'll be home then. I think I'm actually home sick. And possibly sick with this NASTY flew going around here.. *shudders*

OH!!! My sister, the one having twins, found out what she's having! A boy and a girl! ^_^ They even have names for them already! Daisy Lynn and Tyler Robert. I love the name Daisy. It's so cute! ^_^ I can't wait, I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!! WWWEEEEEEE!!! I'm overly excited it hurts right now.

Ooow.. my stomach just wrenched into a knot.. >_< So I think I'll just leave this post as it is. But I WILL find a nice video for you all, my friends! ^_^

*goes and looks for a video*

basically amazing.. and this song goes so nicely with the show too.
Hope you all are feeling better than I am!
Good Bye!

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Waaaaaaahh!! I'm so unhappy right now! My mom is making me go clean because she won't be here Monday to do it.. I can get a ride!! DUH! *makes a stupid face* And today, well this morning actually... woooeee(woo-EE ^_^), this morning, we had a scene practice for the Ice Show which is next weekend, and the synchro team did absolutely AWFUL! I mean, we're SUPPOSED to be the Midwestern CHAMPIONS! And then we go out and skate like we did, expecting to draw people into joining the team. That's not happening, not like that. Our coaches yelled at us. And we deserved it. Most people won't say they actually deserve to get yelled at, but I am. Cuz we did. It was seriously embarrassing to skate today. I can't even get over it. And this one girl pretty much told me that she didn't really care, and I was like, well why not? And she's like, I don't know, it's just not something I care about right now.. I was like....

Ooooo, so last Thursday, did anybody watch Evangalion?!?! Man, what was up with Shinji and Kaworu!! << He was a cutie though. ^_~ I got excited to find out he was the 5th child, then I was sad when I found out he was the last angel.. I mean... he told Shinji he loved him.. in the shower, no less! Now THAT is adorable! ^_^ And Shinji was all embarrassed.. aaaawwwww....

I like Shinji.. He's a nice boy...

Well, I have to go shower now.. It was kinda weird actually.. I typed this, then saved it cuz I went and cleaned, and now I'm back to write some more! ^_^
Tomorrow is my sister's BIRTHDAY!!! WWWOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT! She'll be 22, and she's the one having the twins! yayness...

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