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~~~one day i want to have my own site that will be called the fELoWshiP Of neRdS and Stephanie(and we will take ovr the world ... just kidding)~~~
MY school:
a bunch of under-achievers, show-offs,over achievers that think they can, common pests, pervs, ppl 2 nice for their own good(push ovrs), so-called skaters, smart ppl, some slightly confuzd ppl, ppl u wondr how they made it to school,idiots, ass holes,preps, jocks, so-called gangsters "cholos", "cholas",
losers,nerds,geeks, so-called goths, and the rest r just plain hopeless
the evr faithful nerd,
KanABi or kAtrInA

my "haiku"
^~~^what would happen if ugly was beautiful and beautiful was ugly?^~~^

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

   I am hating it
I am @ a quiencenera and i hate it cuz i am all alone:-( there is no one i know and i am sorta partied out. I want 2 go home! This is from my cell. Tell whats up with u. G2g time 11:09
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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hey im on my phone and putting a post. Its hard. Anywho everybody leave something about urselves. Cant type much now. kanabi
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i dont care. this is my last word. alone is the best place between love and hate
i dont care what you think because everything to me is like a blur.
a big blur that i cant get rid of. Dont worry i wont "disappear" im to scared to try that. but i am depressed enough to think about it. Wouldnt that be funny just to not exist anymore? I cant eat, i can but i wont, im not going to be eating for a while. Its jsut y bother. im not one of those girls that throws up im not that stupid but im just not going to eat.
im not going to care how i look either.
im not going to care how i do on the taks. i just dont want to care. anymore.
i dont want to think. its not worht my time
im not going to think of love becuz to many stupid ppl exist in the world and dont know what they have, instead they go for s
a bunch of stupid. ass. ppl that dont even care enough to like themselves. I dont deserve anyone anyways.
i dont want false love. ive lived it and i dont want it.
i dont want friends that stay with me becuz of something they think i have or becuz they pity me. those of you who dont really know me wouldn't know.
i scare ppl off becuz i dont wan tthem in my horid life.
i cant take it anymore.


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