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Friday, January 12, 2007

   3 day weekend! oh yea!
hahaha i'm really happy! i get a 3 day weekend! oh yea! But the sad thing is I have a lot of stupid English homework to do. TT.TT curse this stupid Othello Project. TT.TT *sigh* anyhow yea i got home from skool today..and just felt plain bored. i mean mysapce was getting boring. -.- no one's on when i'm on. no one leaves me comments anymore. bleh. it sucks. and omg then there's aim. -.- only the ppl i don't want to sign on sign on when i sign on. and the ppl i want to sign on either don't sign on anymore or BARELY sign on. TT.TT *sigh* ahhh Life Sucks. XXDD
Anyhow yea...just waiting on more Nodame Cantabile episodes to be uploaded on Youtube. you guys should go check it out! it's really kool! ^^ It's the Live ACtion of the manga Nodame Cantabile. ^^ I died like crazy laughing when i was watching it. ^^
Oh and there's also Hana Kimi the Taiwanese drama. It's ok. Although the first few ep. where intresting and they made me laugh..i dunno..it doesn't quiet pull me in as much. you know it doesn't get me all that hooked on it. lol But still it's very good! And omg Wu Zun and Jiro are sooooooooooooooooo hot in there! XDDDD yea and the Jiogku Shojou Live ACtion...there aren't any new ep. either. *sigh* But yea lol that was my day everyone. XD ^^V

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