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Sunday, January 7, 2007

   waiii Tamaki Hiroshi
Yes ppl it is true. I, the great Boy Crazy LokiRagnarok, have just found myself a new japanese star/singer to be obsessed over. hee hee and the lucky singer issssss *drum roll* TAMAKI HIROSHI!! Kya!
Every since i started watching Nodame Cantabile i've been like addicted to him. lol He's so cute and nice and they way he smiles just makes ur heart go "doki doki". lol anyhow school's almost starting again. *sigh* well actually school's starting tomarrow! TT.TT I wish i could have more vaction time so i can post up like almost everyday. *sigh* but i dunno if my friends still come on Myotaku or not. TT.TT I hope u guys do. i miss you guys a lot. *sigh* anyhow Vaction should be rolling along soon and then i can be on the internet 24/7 MUHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! ^^V

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