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Sunday, January 7, 2007

   hhheeyy Everyone! i'm back! :D
lol gomen ne everyone. i know i've been absent for a VERY EXTREMELY long time. *sigh* hope no one has forgotten me yet. TT.TT Hoever i come bearing good news! i finall got a digi camera for Chirstmas! yayiers! ^0^V So now i can take pics of my artwork and post it up! ^^ hmmmmm wonder how everyone is doing. wow a lot has happened since the last time i logged on. hmmm well let's just say that a WHOLE lot of stuff was going on with me that prevented me from comming to this site. well anyhow hope i can get back in touch with all my friends! love u guys all! ^^V
Missed ya alot too! XD ^^
oh and i'll be posting up my artwork later. ^^

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