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Friday, October 13, 2006

   hey hey everyone! ^^ Chotto chotto mina-san! ^-^
howz everyone doing? lol i've been well okay i guess. lol skool work is sooo getting to me. lol i'm like one "D" away from being a straight "A" student! weee i'm so excitited! lol ^-^ Plus i wanna have at least or over 200 hours of communtiy service. so yea this year i got it cut out for me. lol ^-^ i wanna get 100% or over 100% in all my classes. but i think that's gonna be hard for my geometery class. lol i suck at math! XDD it's my weak point! *stabs math* XD
anyhow yea and about me and that one dude..lol well we're boyfriend and girlfriend now. ^^ lol i finally told him and he said he liked me too. so yea. lol but it's a long distance realtionship. i have my dobuts that this relationship is gonna work out. but me and him are gonna try our best to make it work out. lol ^^
yea. other than that it's been skool work skool work skool work. XD and driver's ed. lol XD driver's ed is ending on teh 24th yay! lol but i'm gonna miss my teacher Mr. V. lol he's totaly awesome and funnies! ^-^ makes me laugh all the time. lol so does my English teacher Mr. Brown. lol we talk about the weriedst things in English ACC. XD we get off topic so easily. but lol that wutz make the class fun! ^^
So yea basically my life's doing good/fine/well/happy. XDD Oh and yea i'm going to Knottz Scary Farm on the 28th! woot woot! shea! lol ^-^ i wanna go on the Grudge 2 maze thingy. lol ^-^ it's gonna be so much fun cause a WHOLE bunch of my friends from school are going. lol ^^ Anyhow yea it's getting late...well for me...so lol since it's a skool nite and all. i g2g. lol i miss u all every munchies! lol *hugs to all of u!*
Jya ne!~

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I'm so sad
u guys i have a feeling that my friend from myspace is lieing about the way he looks.
I'm so sad and confused and angery at him rite now. iono wut to do. TT-TT
I just wanna break down and cry. Because i have a crush on him....and what if he IS lieing to me about the way he looks? he's showed me pictures of "him" but then i go look on the internet and I recently found out that "his" pictures some of them are on the internet and are posted as the memember of this one Taiwanese singing group.
OMG what if he is lieing to me?!?!? TT_TT
I'm so broken hearted rite now *goes all emo and crying in the corner*

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

   hhheeeyyy there everyone!!!
lol i'm so happy today! lol srry i haven't been posting anything new on. sooo busy @ school w/work and junk. plus now i have like driver's Ed. so i get home like around 5 almost 6 Pm cause i have to wait for the late bus to come pick me up. T-t i've been soooo frigeen tried this month. lol but Allan makes me feel all better once i talk to him. ^^ yea that's just about it for my life rite now, school work, school work and more school work. And then short resting weekends. i can't even enjoy this weekend cause tomarrow i have to go do the landuary w/mu mommy! mmann i was really hoping i could just rest this weekend,...but i guess not. oh well what's the ponit of being sad about it? lol if it's bound to happen it'll happen. lol anyhow yea g2g srry myotaku friends. got a lot to do.
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Saturday, September 9, 2006

I hate this feeling..
I hate the feeling of likeing someone without knowing how they feel about u. *sigh*
i don't know how he feels about me. besides i know i like him in THAT way. But i don't know how much i like him. And there's the fact that i don't know a lot about him. And iono how he thinks/feels about me. i mean like i know he thinks of me as a friend...but iono about best friend. or like possible gf.
I feel confused and sad. I hate this feeling. This always happens when i like someone. and then when they realize or even think that i like them they give me the cold sholder. T-t
i'm afraid if that if i ask him that he might think i like him and be like the others. but he's so sweet and nice. iono.
stupid feelings. -_-

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Friday, September 8, 2006

   LOL Hey every one! ^^
yea well skool has started for me finally! LOL
i really enjoy my classes theyr'e so fun! I have like a whole bunch of friends in each class. ^^ It's so fun. ^^ well...i'm sorta happy and sad about two things.
1. I have my 2nd period math with this one dude that i used to REALLY like. and well...i sorta hate him cause well...he didn't like me but liked one of my friends. And well he's okay now. But like iono i still have feelings for him, and he's starting to act strange. During the 1st skool days he sat like on the other side of the class room. But today i sorta stood next to him and he changed his seat to sit like a few rows away from me. So iono what's up with that.
2. There's also my old crush and he was like my frist real crush. And i see him like EVERYDAY but he has an aditttude now. -_- So i consider it bad luck and good luck when i c him. which is werid i know. lol

But anyhow yea that's what's up rite now. aww man *sigh* i miss the days when i was watching 100 Naruto ep. a night. It was nice. ^^ But oh well. I gotta focus on skool work rite now so yea.
Ja ne! ^^

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Friday, September 1, 2006

   Hi Everyone! Loki-Chan bringing you a taste of Tawain!
Mood: Happy/Love sick-ish
Listening to: Love Under the Microscope by YiDa
Eating/drinking: nothing
thought/quote of the day(made by me of course): "I'll love you beyond the shards of time"
wanting: bf LOL XD
missing: a friend of mine.

yea dudes anyhow today's a pretty happy day for me. I mean i get to go shopping! yay! LOL And i found out that i totally like Tawainese music, maybe a lil bit more than Japanese music. I know this might shock some of you guyz...but yea. lol I just find Tawinese guys so hot and lol of course Japanese guys are hot too but i tend to like tawainese guys more. lol
anyhow yea my days now are spent just sitting around listening to music waiting for school to roll around. lol XD
Lately i've found my insperation to draw again, lol but the problem is i don't really know what to draw...but i do know i tend to want to draw couples more lately. iono y. lol i'm werid! ^-^
Let's see i'm probably gonna get me some more shirts and a new backpack! yay! *jumps for joy*
I missed everyone here on myotaku. *sigh* but yea. lol
hmm thinking about chaning the theme of my site again. Wut do you guys think i should change it to? uhh if you want to see one of my OLD drawings just PM me and i'll give you the link. ^-^ yea. lol And below is the music video of what i'm listening to now. So with out futher ado i present to you the music video of "Love Under The Microscope" By YiDa!!!
It's a REALLY nice song. I LOVE it.
"Love Under The Microscope" By YiDa

"Love Under The Microscope" By YiDa
LokiDoki saying "Ja ne!"

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

My life....
Mood: Bleh/happy
Listening to: Butterfly by Anson Hu
Eating/drinking: nothing
thought of the day: "Life sucks...for now"
wanting: Shopping spree
missing: jaro-san

Dude man my life is like temporarely boring. T-t there's nothing to do, many places to go thou. but the problems is I don't got the cash to make it to the bash. T-t I REALLY wanted to go to an amusement park before going back to school. But i don't think that's gonna happen. Man i really wanted to go to Knotts, Six Flags, or California's Adventure or something. T-t
And DUDE i was supposed to go on a shopping spree. But i don't think that's gonna happen anymore. T-t I hate it when ppl break their promises to me. I mean it's like wuts the point of promising it to me in the first place if you don't keep your promise?! Like if you promise me to do something on a certain day i expect you to keep that promise! Unless your reason is reasonable, like if something happened and you HAD to go do it. I wouldn't mind stuff like that. It's just when people break it off for no reason. T-t *sigh* But wutever. I get my hopes down a lot anyways. Too many ppl lie to me. (well...maybe except for some of my friends)
yea just sitting here rite now typing this post with nothing better to do, in the summer *starts singing* In the summer! IN the Summer! When the girls walk by it's so fly chinese food makes me sick! (not really) *end*
LOL I'm sooo bored!!!! urgh! Life suckz. hmm...maybe i'll walk to the library later...if it's open. -_-"

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Friday, August 25, 2006

omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!
JARO-SAN ISN'T DEAD! OMFG! i'm so happy! I just got word that some ppl where just puting bullshit on his site! he's not dead! yay!

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He's Gone...
Everyone i found out yesterday that my friend Jaro-san is really gone. He really did die of a plane crash. It's so strange because i never thought someone as sweet, nice, and friendly as him would EVER die.
And the sad thing was...well here's how it goes okay. well..i'll start from the beginning.
I first met Jaro-san on myspace when i was just looking around in some other person's friend list., to tell you the truth the first time i saw his pic i thought he was pretty cute. And then i saw his layout for myspace, and i knew he'd be a cool friend. lol his layout was of kingdom hearts. lol i remember clearly that i was the one who asked to be his friend first. LOL he was so kind he accepted. And from then on he was the kindest Japanese guy friend i could ever ask for. He also helped me alot in my japanese. After a while i started having a crush on him. But soon gave up because a friend of his who's also my friend also had a crush on him. I mean i still do, it's just i never told him. How i regret that now. It's so sad because i remember clearly that one day i left him my first extra long comment, and i asked him i fit was okay. he laughed and told me that he loved extra long comments because it made him smile and feel happy. So from then i always left him long comments. For a while he didn't respond to my comments, but he eventually did. He was apologizing for not being able to respond back as often because he was busy. And that's the last i ever heard of him. What makes it worse is that before i learned of his death i left him 2 long comments. And in one of those comments i told him that one day i would go visit him in Nagoya, Japan. But then....i found out he died.
How i regret now that i never got to tell him what a great friend he was, that i had feelings for him. How much i cherished his friendship. Now he's gone...and i didn't even get to say good-bye.
*starting to cry again*
God bless his soul, and i know that he's in a better place now. Heaven just gained another sweet angel. I'm sure he's alrite now. I'm sure that he's there by our sides watching over us. And knowing that he just might me watching me too, makes me happy. As Silvia Brown says all the people who make it to "the other side" are all happy. So i'm sure he's probably there with firends or something, and he's happy.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   You guys....T-T
well today was starting off just fine and dandy. And I went onto my Myspace. And I got this message from one of my friends asking me if I read Jaro-san's ( an EXREMELY close friend of mine. Mikilane you should know him.) bulletion yet. I told her no, so i went to go find it...and...and when I opened the bulletion it said that he had died in a plane crash this month on the 19th. And that bulletion was posted not by him but by his sister.
I don't know what to think anymore. Jaro-san was one well I would say my best guy friend ever. Even though he lived all the way in Japan, he was so nice and funny and sweet. I keep thinking to myself he can't be dead, he can't be dead no. I don't know what to think anymore.
I don't know if this is some sort of cruel prank or joke someone's playing, or if it's the truth. I don't know I just don't know. I'm still crying as i'm typing this.
What's worse is i used to have a crush on him and i never got to tell him how i feel. He can't be dead he can't! And NO i'm not pranking everyone, this is REAL. I'm praying to god it's not true. I don't want to lose such a good friend.
I asked one of my other friends, she lives really close to him, so she should know what's going on. I wrote her a message asking her if what i read is true. But i didn't recieve anything yet, and not I'm worried as hell. From now until the time I get a response, it'll be the worse time of my life. *still crying*
I pray please don't let him be dead, please let this just be a practical joke, Jaro-san can't be dead. He just can't. We barely met each other, he can't be dead already.
I don't know what to do anymore, i just don't know. Why does something like this happen, when i was excepting so much happiness ahead towards this new school year?!?
But then again this might not be a practical joke and it might be the truth. I have been leaving him a lot of comments, but he hasn't responded yet. Then again the last time he did he said he was really busy so he didn't have time to. GOOD LORD PLEASE DON'T LET THIS BE TRUE. JARO-SAN CAN'T DIE!! He's such a good person.
Please lord don't let this be true...
this is the first time i ever said prayers in a post. but.....*still crying* i care about him alot. to me he was a lot closer than a normal friend, sure i did have a crush on him...but i have a feeling like he's more than a best friend, more like a super best friend. I don't know what i'm saying. I'm confusing myself rite now. *still crying* Please pray with me that he isn't dead.
He can't be dead.....he can't be....he just can't be.......

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