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Friday, January 27, 2006

I guess this is goodbye......
I haven't exactly been around here a lot. I know. Actually, I haven't been here at all, save the occasional nostalgia-inspired visit. Heh...you know, I never realize how much I miss this place until I pay a visit...

A quotation from a poem I read once...

"...Each time, we die a little
When we are young, these moments
But parting down the years has made me
ready to say goodbye..."

Seriously speaking, I will always miss this place...well, not the place, but the people.

Special thanks to Broken Blade, dark sephiroth, darksoul and Chocobo Gene...for making me want to believe that our on-site personas were real...as pathetic as that sounds...

Thank you to anyone and everyone who enjoyed reading the crap I put on this site: the countless unfinished tales...especially the story revolving around us and the FFVII world...damn it, I know I should have tried to finish that...well, maybe I will someday...

But for now, I think I am going to disappear for a while. Could be months, years maybe...but I don't want to think that I will never return...so don't any of you think that either.

So, remember to forget me, as I expect you will sooner or later...if you need to get in contact with me, talk to D.Seph...

Well, I'm off again, and I don't know when I'll be coming home...but until our paths cross again, I wish you all the best...

"Stop talking like this is the end!"
~Cloud Strife, FFVII disk 1

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