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Thursday, November 1, 2007

About me?
  • Shuping
  • Female
  • July 27


Hey whoever is reading this I'm Shuping and i know it's weird and all but thats because i don't have a english name, I have a chinese name.

Well hope you like my site and sign my guestbook if you want. A little info about me i am emotional and sensitive. I am good at feeling and being in emotion but I can have difficulty expressing my feelings in words.

My japanese name is Hara (wilderness) ?? Yoshiko (pleasing child).
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If you need help with the comments please email me at puppyinuyasha311@hotmail.com

omg i am like in a stupid love traingle. oh so sophie says lol lets see bunny told emi to tell me he wants to go out with me and fred asked me out but i turned him down cuz mom wont let anyways lol omg i am so confused right now!!! help me please!!! sophie is not helping but she said she'll ask bunny but i told her no cuz im scared. emi said i have no back bone lol so yea that was pretty much the school day until learns had the fice truck and ppl come it was like omg and they wouldnt tell us what was going on. me and my friends were like omg what the hell happened here. yea and i was like the last person there it sucked so much and then the techers made fun of me. crappy teachers lol not my fav. but i must deal with it for now i hope. so yea how was your day hope it was beeter then mine lol ^^

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