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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New Layout

Yes, I changed the layout again.

No, I'm not a weirdo.

Haha. Yes, I am naughty today. Why? Because I'm taking pictures of people who don't wanna to take pictures. X3 Oh wow Liliy, you've gone and crossed the line again. Ha.

Yay! Liliy's going to show a picture she took. And you'll never guess who it is...Or mabey you will...Liliy doesn't know.

Mant thanks to those who commented, I guess I should be happy bout our winning streak. =3



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Monday, April 24, 2006


Yay! The Vikings won the Girl SoftBall Team Championships. I'm pitcher, though I use to be be shortstop. We won 15 to 6! Liliy got just a bit out of control...

Umpire:YOUR OUT!
Liliy:What the hell are you talking about?! That chick didn't even touch Falicia! She's safe!
Umpire:I'm umpire and I say she's out.
Liliy:Well I'm captain of the team, and I say your out of your mind!

We ranted for about fifteen minutes. I wanted to slap that no good...

But hey, we won, so I'm not complaining. I got MIP.(Most improved Player). I Remeber when I first played softball, I couldn't even put my mitt on...

^_^ Yay for Wallpaper. Liliy's going to submit it!

=Off on to your Sites=

PS:Happy Hug Polish A Dog Day!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Look, Liliy make wallpaper!

I never knew making wallpaper was so easy...But hey, my sister says it bad. (The japanese part, she doesn't partake in Anime liking, like me.)

Yay for Liliy, she has new theme. Heh, nothing else to do so I must go visit your sites now. =)Oh Oh Oh!! No way, Liliy has a myspace..

Look at Liliy's "neighbor" Alexander!
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Friday, March 3, 2006

=Slap Ass Friday=
Jesse Valesquez,David,Jessie,Anna,Bethay,Vince,Anthony,Matthew,Ed,EduardoOmar,Franisico,Elizabeth,Josh,Jose G,Jose L.,La MeNsA,mONCE,Ameria,Markus,Mark,Butters,Ulyess:Yall got slapped.

Ignore the header above. Though it is all true.
I loved today.

How was your peoples' day? Good as mine I hope, better if possible. Oh, I'll vist your guys sites, today. =) I'm hyper, I won a Gatorade Drinking contest.

The Fun Never Stops.l.O.v.E.


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Thursday, March 2, 2006


What fun was today, I can walk now! ^_^ And that is why, this song "Everything Is Alight" is so maningful to me. Jesse is uch a softie, he does some many thing for little ole Liliy.

Oh well, I guess its back to studying for the contest, I'm not second anymore! ^^; I'm tied first with Charonjot, a very nice Indian boy that can type more than a hundred words per hour.

L.o.V.e. To ya.


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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

=My Head=

I belive I was drunk last night, and I still feel my head...pumpimg, as if it were about to explode...It's all a blur now. Was I really drunk?

Liliy:Ugh...Where am I? Where we going?
Jesse:You were drinking lightly, yet you fell to the floor a few hours later. I don't know if it was the drink, you just seem to fall over. I put you in my arms and took you in Vince's car.
Liliy:I'm gonna puke...
Jesse:Go ahead, anywhere ya like. Its Vince's car, and its a pinto, so yeah.-Laughs-

I had to be dragged to bed last night, good think Mum and dad dunno.I could've been taken away from the contest! =0

I never drank alch-....beer...before.It didn't taste like much, just really strong. I usually drink water and rasberry iced tea. I didn't drive, thank God. I ain't that stupid.=)

Image hosting by TinyPic
=Mizz A arrives to a Mexican Resraunt, hoping to make sure that the girls will comment her new curled hair.=

Heh...First let me drink som asprin, then to your sites.=)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


-I have gotten 345 mails in my inbox-


Anyways, I'm going to compete in a HTML Contest! Its'll be fun but very difficult. ^^; Please root for me! I have this not so thin chance of winninbg though, since I know a little Java script...=) Hope I win, I'm 2nd place next to this Viktor Kavoz guy.

=Yay! New Trigun layout! How's it look? Good I hope...=

=-Visits your sites-=


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Monday, February 27, 2006


Music:"Upside Down"-Jack Johnson

Hello. I was just finishing around the house,because i was gone for a week, when I notced that on my Ranma Fanfiction site:

Hits since last LOGIN:4,273

I was so happy. =) On MyO has that many hits, and I've got sevreal emails to anwser, oh I was so gleefull that people liked it so much. I'd rather not give you the site now because of its hitaus Error 404. I'm making the layout right now, so yeah..

Im such a pothead. =)

Later, I'm going to visit your sites now. =)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Font = Mood

The subject gives the post away. My moods are depened on my fonts. I hope nobody minds, I really do. =)

All the things we did,
weren't they anything to you?
All that suffering I did,
I did it all for you.

That concludes as my first line on my 1st place winning poem. Wow, I won a poetry contest.=O I usually don't brag.(Because I don't wi anything, there's nothing to brag about, Ha!)

Ny friend Lucia wants to commit suicide, but I don't let her. She says it her life, let her waste it. I don't know what I should do though, she does have a point...

I'll go to your sites now, just to show I'm not lazy. ^_^

Hugs and Mucho Amor,


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Friday, February 3, 2006


Yay! The site changed. =O Hakkai Love forever.

Besides that, it was Slap ass Friday, my butt is still sore. I've been *zapped more than thousands of time.

zapped:(Verb) {Zah-p-DUH} When a person writes the word "Zap" in pen on your hand, indicating that you must say "I love you ____-!" to the person who say your name.

Everything was okay today, I ate pizza. Yum. Three day old pizza...


=) I had a great week, I hope you did too. Hee hee. Have fun everyone!


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