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Monday, February 9, 2009

So, my life is rather boring. xD I got a cell phone. Finally. But surprisingly, I'm not addicted to it like all my friends said I would be. xD I could live without my cellphone. Couldn't live without my internet though. lol.

I'm saving up for an ipod touch. They're expeeeeensive. I'm more than half way there though. And my mom might help me buy it.

All my friends are 16. ;_; I'm still 15. And I will be for a while. Oh, speaking of birthdays, my dad's is on the 11th. I wanted to get him the Greatest Hits CD for the Foo Fighters but the release date got pushed back. It'll come out a month too late. Ah, well. That's what Father's Day is for. xDDD I'm gonna get my mom something with Boston for her birthday which is next month. I don't really wanna get her the greatest Hits CD since she's got one. It's really old and some of the songs don't work right but she's got one. I might just get her the CD again anyway. lol.

OGTs are coming up pretty fast. I'm sure I'll pass all mine this year. Which means that I'll have to take all my finals in 11th. Bleh. I hate finals. I won't have to this year though because I'll pass all the State Standardized tests. So, that's good, right?

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