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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yay for Obama! I've been hoping he would win. The day after the election, you could tell who was an Obama supporter and who wanted McCain. xD One of my friends wanted McCain and she went on a huuuuge rant on the bus. xD She has a MyO but I won't mention her name. I don't wanna embarrass her. When she asked why I liked Obama I like, totally blanked and made myself look like a moron. xD I do have reasons for preferring him over McCain though. I'm not gonna get into it now. If you're really that interested, send me a PM or something. Oh, and I found his amusing flash. It's like, a pokemon version of the election. xD I love it.
Clickie for the flash.

Yay! My mom's gonna go get Children of the Corn for me~ I love COTC. Number 2's my favorite. I'd follow Micah. xD And they're bringing me back cotton candy. <3 So, I'm gonna go get our TV ready. *has no idea how to work her DVD player* Wait... Are they even bringing back DVD...? Or is it one of those ancient thingies? Crap. xD I don't know how to work the VCR thing either. >.<

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