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Sunday, November 2, 2008

   An entire year.
Geez. It's been a while. O.o I'm suprised I still remembered my password. My background makes me mad. I wish I could find a picture big enough that it didn't repeat. Or knew how to make it not repeat. I love Kyoya though so I guess it's okay. xD When I first started watching Ouran I, like every other fangirl in the world, was totally in love with the twins. But as I watched it, I liked Kyoya more. So, he's my favorite. Followed by the twins and then Tamaki as a close third. Then Hunny. xD Mori's somewhere in there. >.>

Okay, so I have something really weird here. I'm a sophomore. O.o Whoa. This year's going slower than last year though. I'm still not sure if that's good or bad. I have amazing grades this year. I'm so proud of myself. xD It's only the beginning of the second nine weeks though. I actually have a B in Algebra. I can't do algebra to save my life but I think I'm actually getting it. I'm worried about this nine weeks though. If I mess it up I won't be able to fix it since everything builds on everything else. Gotta make sure not to fall behind. Not sure how that's going to be in January when I start PE and lose my study halls. Every other class I'm possitive I'll be fine in though.

My dad's still a butt. He won't let me drive. I'm probably too chicken anyway. lol. My mom offered to let me drive down our street the toher day and I was all like, "Noooo, I'll kill us! *whine whine whine*" xD It would be nice to be able to though. I could get a job since I could get myself to it and I wouldn't have to bug my mom to take me places. Then again, I'd be running errands constantly. I'm getting a cellphone for Christmas. Finally. And a year of unlimited minutes. I'm saving up for an iPod Touch too. Can you say expensive? At least it gives me a goal though. I'm thinking it'll take me 6 months to get the money with Christmas coming up(I always get a lot of money for Christmas) and with my allowance. As long as I don't spend it all. >.> lol. So, yea. I totally just lost my train of thought. I love Titanic. xD

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