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Name: Malissa
Nicknames? LDG or Mit.
Age: 15!
DOB: June 7
Likes: Reading, writing, anime and manga, cappuccinos, getting A's, girls and guys, long drives(as long as I have something to do and I'm not stuck with someone I don't like.)
Dislikes: People who only think about themselves, my dad >.<, homophobes, being wrong, having religion shoved down my throat, getting bad grades, getting in trouble, crying in front of people, people who just... don't get it. xD
Current Anime Obsession: Ouran High School Host Club (Kyouya. <3333)


Monday, February 9, 2009

So, my life is rather boring. xD I got a cell phone. Finally. But surprisingly, I'm not addicted to it like all my friends said I would be. xD I could live without my cellphone. Couldn't live without my internet though. lol.

I'm saving up for an ipod touch. They're expeeeeensive. I'm more than half way there though. And my mom might help me buy it.

All my friends are 16. ;_; I'm still 15. And I will be for a while. Oh, speaking of birthdays, my dad's is on the 11th. I wanted to get him the Greatest Hits CD for the Foo Fighters but the release date got pushed back. It'll come out a month too late. Ah, well. That's what Father's Day is for. xDDD I'm gonna get my mom something with Boston for her birthday which is next month. I don't really wanna get her the greatest Hits CD since she's got one. It's really old and some of the songs don't work right but she's got one. I might just get her the CD again anyway. lol.

OGTs are coming up pretty fast. I'm sure I'll pass all mine this year. Which means that I'll have to take all my finals in 11th. Bleh. I hate finals. I won't have to this year though because I'll pass all the State Standardized tests. So, that's good, right?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

   I'm a-fucking-mazing. xD
My grades for this nine weeks kinda make me wanna dance. xD

Biology: A
Women's Chorus: A
US History: B
French I: A
English II: A
Algebra II: B

No C's! Or D's. Or F's. I amaze myself. xDDD I know, I know, I'm being a conceited moron. But I can't remember the last time my grades were this good on a report card! 6th grade, actually. I'm in 10th now. And I actually get what's going on in Algebra so I should be able to keep my grade up. Yay!

So, yea. That's all this post is about. xD Me bragging.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yay for Obama! I've been hoping he would win. The day after the election, you could tell who was an Obama supporter and who wanted McCain. xD One of my friends wanted McCain and she went on a huuuuge rant on the bus. xD She has a MyO but I won't mention her name. I don't wanna embarrass her. When she asked why I liked Obama I like, totally blanked and made myself look like a moron. xD I do have reasons for preferring him over McCain though. I'm not gonna get into it now. If you're really that interested, send me a PM or something. Oh, and I found his amusing flash. It's like, a pokemon version of the election. xD I love it.
Clickie for the flash.

Yay! My mom's gonna go get Children of the Corn for me~ I love COTC. Number 2's my favorite. I'd follow Micah. xD And they're bringing me back cotton candy. <3 So, I'm gonna go get our TV ready. *has no idea how to work her DVD player* Wait... Are they even bringing back DVD...? Or is it one of those ancient thingies? Crap. xD I don't know how to work the VCR thing either. >.<

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

   An entire year.
Geez. It's been a while. O.o I'm suprised I still remembered my password. My background makes me mad. I wish I could find a picture big enough that it didn't repeat. Or knew how to make it not repeat. I love Kyoya though so I guess it's okay. xD When I first started watching Ouran I, like every other fangirl in the world, was totally in love with the twins. But as I watched it, I liked Kyoya more. So, he's my favorite. Followed by the twins and then Tamaki as a close third. Then Hunny. xD Mori's somewhere in there. >.>

Okay, so I have something really weird here. I'm a sophomore. O.o Whoa. This year's going slower than last year though. I'm still not sure if that's good or bad. I have amazing grades this year. I'm so proud of myself. xD It's only the beginning of the second nine weeks though. I actually have a B in Algebra. I can't do algebra to save my life but I think I'm actually getting it. I'm worried about this nine weeks though. If I mess it up I won't be able to fix it since everything builds on everything else. Gotta make sure not to fall behind. Not sure how that's going to be in January when I start PE and lose my study halls. Every other class I'm possitive I'll be fine in though.

My dad's still a butt. He won't let me drive. I'm probably too chicken anyway. lol. My mom offered to let me drive down our street the toher day and I was all like, "Noooo, I'll kill us! *whine whine whine*" xD It would be nice to be able to though. I could get a job since I could get myself to it and I wouldn't have to bug my mom to take me places. Then again, I'd be running errands constantly. I'm getting a cellphone for Christmas. Finally. And a year of unlimited minutes. I'm saving up for an iPod Touch too. Can you say expensive? At least it gives me a goal though. I'm thinking it'll take me 6 months to get the money with Christmas coming up(I always get a lot of money for Christmas) and with my allowance. As long as I don't spend it all. >.> lol. So, yea. I totally just lost my train of thought. I love Titanic. xD

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