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Sunday, February 10, 2008

   I had FUN last night!!! XD
Uh-huh, so last night was our school's Turnabout Dance. Yeah, the room was really dark, and there was a lot of immoral stuff going around in the room... o_o' ... but Josh and I still had fun. We only danced the slow dances (which there weren't enough of... T_T ). Oh yeah, in the backdrop for the pictures, there was a LION!!! XD XD XD ... there was a tiger in the other one, but that line was WAAAAAAAAY too long, and we wanted to get to the dance floor, so we went with the lion ^_^ Oh, and the bathroom signs... So you know those kinda stick-looking people where the girls have "skirts" and the guys are just sticks? O.o ... o.O ... well, we have a guy and a girl painted on the walls outside the bathrooms (I don't know why... ^_^' ), and since the theme was Jungle, the dance committee (I suppose) dressed them up in leaves... the girl pretty much had a leaf swimsuit and the guy looked like Tarzan. XD Uh-huh ^_^ Oh yeah, we went to Sake for dinner beforehand, and Josh prayed for the food. Well... he forgot about the food... but then he stopped and prayed for that too. ^_^ hehe, tis okies! :)

Alrighty, there's my rambling paragraph for the day. Have a good one! ^_^

~ LB ~

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