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Friday, August 10, 2007

Most of you have probably realized by now that the sites had a bit of a change. This is the theme for a little idea I had this afternoon! I kept thinking about all the character profiles I received after the newsletter. But it’s not enough just to post them and let people read, nope, we have to put our characters to the test! Get to know them even more! And that’s how I came up with the character challenge a.k.a. the club’s very first contest! I hope everyone who sent in a profile will participate in this activity as well! I’ll put mine up just for fun later on.

CHALLENGE: Using your favorite character write a scenario in which your character is robbed. This can be events leading up to it, their reaction after it, anything you’d like!

This is just a short story. It doesn’t even have to be more than a few paragraphs. It can be comedy, mystery, even fantasy. Any genre YOU want to make it. Just show us how your character would be act, and make sure to be true to that character! The point on this is for us to know your character better ^_^

Tips and Guidelines
*Your main character CAN be accompanied by other minor characters
*No story should be any more than 4 or 5 pages
*Fanfic is accepted

JUDGING: Prizes will be given to the two most creative and well-written pieces! So try you’re best!

-Founder and President of the OLS

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