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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

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Hi guys well as i prommised, here are the highlights of my 1st anime convention^^:

It was awesome, i got there at 8am and so many cosplayers with awesome costumes that could actually pulled off the'yre characters look!! i entered a scavenger hunt contest my group was 2nd place XD & won some dvd's i chose "Peace Maker"^^.
Somany stuff to get & not enough cash (many have this prob right?) I got Chrono Crusade vol2 (love it^^) 3 wall scrools of FMA, An Edward Elric figurine *glomps it* I didn't have any luck finding a Sasuke figurine ;_;(Naruto)*cries*
oh & of course they had free posters & stuff.

I also took pics w/ ppl cosplaying as: Dante (Devil may cry) He did an awesome job!! i'm serious..the hair, the close & everything. the Naruto gang OMG they even did they're poses awesome^_^ i was like O.O. And i found a chick who had a costume of Ed from FMA (i was hoping a guy was dresed as Ed) so i had to get a pic! Anway i didn't want the day to end...what sux is that my sis was tickling me (i'm extremely ticklish) i fell to the ground ^^ i hate when she does that..i'll get her back lol

here's my pass btw:

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Can't wait till next year!!^_^

*hugs u all*
This was the best 4th of july!!^_^

I'd show you pics but they're on the process of developing ^_^'

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