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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new layout...yet again XPP
well folksies i've got a new layout and i looooove Emilie Autumn...although most of the folks i talk to don't like her music lol but you can't deny that it's a good layout XPP so how is everyone? i'm doing good just sulking about not being able to go to her concert in october T.T sucks but oh wellz all of you are doing good? if so that's good if not tell me your troubles~ well i do believe this update is complete just wanted to let everyone know that i'm alive and well~ laterz all and have a great time till i update again~
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Monday, July 6, 2009

new layout
hey everybody just thought i'd update to let everyone know that i'm alive and well lol not gonna be here this coming week since i'm going camping and i've changed my layout~ it's Big Bang lol how is everyone? well it's coming a thunderstorm so i'd better get off since it's thundering really loud...laterz all and have a great week~
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

hey hey folks
just thought i'd update since it's been like forever lol i've been doing good i've been on xbox live for the past week lol how has everyone else been? oh and i updated my layout and it's now Miyavi lol anywayz just thought i'd update and let everyone know that i'm still alive lol well i reckon i'ma go now my lil sis wants on so i'll see everyone laterz oh and i'm on the chats every night if anybody wants to join us all @_@ laterz
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

new layout yet again XP
wooooooo i have a new layout yet again lol it seems i only update when i get new layouts XP oh wellz least i update lol anywayz how is everyone? mmm i've been good i spose my face is all hot at the moment right now but eh i'll be okay later lol mmm i've been up here at mama's with dsl for quite some time now lol i got my two Home Made Kazoku cds and i love both of them, i've gotten into different types of music i like more Japanese music, i've gotten into some Korean and even some French music lol but for now i think i'll stick with my layout of the hot and sexy Gackt XP lol well anywayz i hope all of ya'll is doing well and i'm on the chatbox everynight if ya wanna chat but meh lol nobody really gets no at night cept for the folks i chat to all the time so oh wellz if you don't get on lol alrighty this post is over with laterz folks ^_^
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

layout changes, cds, and the smexiness that is known as Micro
HIIIIIIIIIII FOLKS! lol well my g-ma finally cut the internet off at her house so the only other place where i'm able to get on is up here at my mamas but i won't be on nearly as often as i normally am....every other weekend is when i'll be on....sucks i know but oh wellz..lol XPP okay so...i gave snoopy to my bro....he got loose again and i didn't have the money to keep buying chains and cables to keep tying him out and my bro has been wanting him so i gave snoop to him and my cat...well my cat just disappeared haven't seen her in a while....*thinks* OH! i bought 2 Home Made Kazoku cds off of ebay...well techinically my bro bought them for me but whatever...i had to give him the money but i'll be hella happeh when they get here lol and in case if you don't know who Home Made Kazoku is...well....just take a look at my layout, my chatbox background, the video on my site, my playlist also has some of their songs and the navigation links lol all Home Made Kazoku...lol XP HOME MADE KAZOKU FTW!!! lol hmmmm.....i think that's about it for now....i'll talk to ya'll folks later lol
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

hey folks
well as you can see.....my internet hasn't been cut off yet.....since it's lasted this long idk if it'll be cut off or not....depends i guess i really don't know....i've changed my layout again! YAY AND IT'S LOVELESS!!!! i love loveless....but i won't speak much on that matter.....awesome anime and manga....although i need them all! anywayz i've been doin good....the animals are doing good...i got an xbox360 for christmas....i love all my games so far....except for soul calibur 4...the game i was so looking forward to and i don't like it that much T.T so disappointed.....i love assassins creed...i can't stop playing it...although now i'm stuck at this one point and idk where to go T.T.....i also got Forza Motorsports 2 and it's awesome....Bullet Witch is also good! all of the games i got for christmas are awesome....cept for soul calibur 4...i was so sad when the game turned out to be nothing like previous games! T.T.....and i think i've given up on getting that job at the grocery store....everytime i call it's "i haven't checked any applications yet" and i know good and well that if they was in need of that position he wouldn't keep saying that so i'm done with them....guess i'll have to put in somewhere else....idk where else though....hmmmm....i think that's about it....i'm alwayz on at night, i may not be on my chatbox but i'm alwayz on somebody elses.....normally at emeraldsky's chat box or wolf of sorrow's or shred's anywayz i'm gonna go now...talk to ya'll laterz ^_^ or i hope to talk to ya'll laterz lol XP laterz folksies
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

i have no life.....and now i will never have a life....my g-ma has just given me the news that she is probably going to get rid of the phone and the internet......which means i won't be able to get on here anymore.......idk what to feel right now......idk when she'll cut it off if she decides to...which she probably will...alls i know is that i'ma miss everybody...oh wellz...there's no fighting it though she's the one paying it so i can't fight it...i reckon this post is over with.....i hope i'll be able to talk to ya'll laterz have a great time
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Monday, November 17, 2008

ooooo it's been a good lil while since i last posted thought i'd go ahead and post now XPPP lol anywayz lets see here..........ummm my bro is gonna put up my paintball gun up on ebay sometime ummmmmm i thought i was getting a 360 for christmas but i'm not <_< T.T oh wellz i guess i'll be alright hmmm snoopers is doing good and so is my cat! yaaaay snoopers and kitty! XPPPPP oh i went to walmart friday and i bought a new book and a new cd! i bought The Darkest Evening of The Year by Dean Koontz and David Archuleta's first cd awesome awesome cd ummmm idk what else to post about everything has been going great with me and i hope everything is going great with all you guys! ^_^ everyone have a great weekend and a great time until i update again ^_^ laterz everyone
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Friday, October 31, 2008

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

idk, hmmm
well well well i've uploaded some new art it seems, hmmm 4 new pieces of art as well i've changed my layout as well if you couldn't tell, hmmmm lol sorry for the hmmm's for some reason i'm on a be like Deidara thing for some reason lol i reckon the reason is because he's my fave Akatsuki member wheeeeeeeeee go Deidara!!!! lol, hmmm lol my snoopeh seems to be doing fine, hmmmm and so does my kitty lol my kitty tried to climb up my leg so i picked her up and put her in my lap then she tried to climb up onto my shoulders lol hilarious, hmmm ummm i think i'm gonna stop drawing for a bit i was dropping em out like a machine as shred says lol well i reckon that's all i wanted to say here hope ya'lls like my layout and i hope everything is going good with everyone and i hope everyone has a good time until i post again ^_^ laterz everyone and have a great weekend ^_^
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