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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

   Movies...... and a show
I went to see Sanctus Real live but mostly hung out in the CD store, but the songs I did hear were exactly like the CD, I met the band afterward and got them to sign their drumstick for me :D yay

I just got thru watching Hustle and Flow, and Skyhigh... Hustle and Flow was really really good, and Skyhigh was good, corny but good... such as the villians and the "secret sanctum" could of looked way better, but it didnt kill the movie much...

I also saw Brokeback Mountain the other day, that was very good.

BUT for the movie I have been wanting to post about is... Hostel, yes everyone I saw it... I was expecting a gore fest, and got tits... and alot of them, BUT after the 1st hour or so of women and screwing and nudity and the 3 guys expressing how much they want it, THEN came the stuff I was looking for :D I was so happy..... my mom gives it a 6 I dont know what I give it, I mean it took forever before it got good, it was seeming like a teen horror flick for a while, you know how theres always nude women in them? or half nude anyway, but when it got gorey some of it was pretty gorey, dont ask why but just like in Saw 2 I laughed... but thats just me :)

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