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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   ttyl= talk to you later (silly lash :P)
Its been a day since we dropped Jazzy off...no wait two days... hah okay a lil off track but what we did was.... got somethin to eat, watched movies, hung out, went to the beach, etc. it was very fun :)

Movies I saw Underworld (awesome dark movie) Dawn of the Dead (its ok, I wouldnt like buy it or anything lol) Shaun of The Dead (I probably liked this better since it was serious and funny :P) Napoleon Dynamite (hehe IDIOT!) You Got Served (one day I'll learn those moves...) The Exorsist (I had this movie at the age of 5 its a classic) Walking Tall (this was really good) Open Water (the filming looked weird but that doesnt matter once u get into the movie...its sad cause its based on a true story)

I got a new CD! its a variety of rock hits and this one song by this new band is soo awesome (one of the bonus tracks) I saw them live before but I didnt hear any songs that sounded like that.

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