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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my posts are few and far between... but heres a quick(ish) update for the 1 that cares if there is actually 1 that cares... umm... me and my folks moved like a block away from where we used to live into a bigger apartment a year ago, my grandma moved in with us, then of May 10th 09 I got a girlfriend and she lives with us now too, Im up to owning 8 dogs (1 includes my grandma's dog Sweetpea who lives in my room... basically making him mine since Ive been caring for him for a year)

I basically look the same... except for my ever changing hair, went from brown... to black with a purple tint.... to blonde... to pink... to purple on the top and fuchsia everywhere else. Then to some yucky pinkish blonde color from shampoos and chlorine (not a good phase)... and at one point on accident it was black/green on the account of some dye that didnt work so well for me but I acted like it was intentional and got a compliment or two :).... and then it went black... just black. My hair is growing out (naturally brown) and after quite a few cuts is just now trying to reach past the shoulders *sigh*. So for now Ive put the scissors and the dye aside........

My room has been updated from the beige/pink/white to now... well the other end of the spectrum, black and red (my favorite colors since always anyway)... I have my own bathroom now and walk in closet, and I find no matter how much more space you aquire theres never enough room.

I havent watched or been interested to watch any anime in.. forever. I just watch family guy and kiddy shows (spongebob) as far as cartoons go, and video games :D. I need a new computer or I'll never be able to play the sims 2.. or 3 for that matter.

I think Ive rambled on enough aimlessly, comment if you desire.. or not. Goodnight :)

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