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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yeah so I know the majority of my old posts have been movie reviews rather than my life, so to go back to that for a minute...

DO NOT GO SEE 30 DAYS OF NIGHT! (spoilers)
It was bad, hmm where to start, they picked the wrong people to play vampires espececially the leader who is eating well with his double chin, they took the heads off.. why?! How did that fat guy be in an explosion and just crawl out like he got kicked in the stomach? Why did it take Josh hartnet SO long to turn into a vampire when he injected it DIRECTLY into his blood stream, infact he never fully turned. Why did they leave the place of rations when obviously the vampires werent going inside buildings, better yet why werent they?! how can someone be chased one minute and then perfectly safe the next and we have no idea how, why was there language grunts and garbles, why was the leader trying to be all philosophical "things that are broken, must be broken" dude stfu. Why did Josh Harttnet(sp?) keep talking into the walky-talky when his ex-gf was under a car near the vampires, again stfu. Why did the guy drive the machine into a building? Why couldnt everyone wait till the 30 days was up with all those rations they left? Why did the vampires fall for such an obvious distraction, etc. ETC. ETC!!!!!!!!!!


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