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Sunday, September 19, 2004

"Longing" By me age: 15
Longing for this dream to come true. Longing to meet the person I feel I always knew. Longing for someone to be there for me to run to. Longing for me to embrace my love when hard times he goes through. Longing for him put a ring on my hand after we say I do. Longing to look deeply in his eyes and say I love you.
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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Dollz by Me

If you decide to use them for whatever let me know please. Giving me credit for them will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Friday, September 17, 2004

Waves 1

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

   *cringes* eesh

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Pathetic News
170 people hav visited my site BUT only 34 signed my guestbook. Not even half signed it. If you are one of those people that didnt or dont plan to than I hav something to say to you, is it really all that hard to be polite? I mean is it really that hard to sign a guestbook?Anywayz....I thank all that have signed it and when I dominate the world you all shall live in my huge castle. The others I shall eliminate. Except those my friends want spared.
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   Yet another Survey

Very Long Survery. It's dumb, do take it anyway.

Created by spunkypunker and taken 188 times on bzoink!

what's your name?Rhianna
how old are you?15
how tall are you?5'6
what color is your hair?Brown
what color do you want your hair?Brown
what color are your eyes?Light Brown
what color do you want your eyes?I like my eye color
what color eyes do you like best?Green
how much do you weigh?115lbs
when's your birthday?February 8th...hint hint gift ^-^
what do you like to wear around the house?Panties
what do you like to wear to school?Well I am homeschooled so...panties
do you like dressing up in almost nothing?When I go out no
got a boy/girlfriend?Nope
what's his/her name?I told you no
got a crush?I guess
who?Someone You Dont Know
got any pets?Yeah 3
what kind?Pitbulls & a turtle
got parents?Yeah 3
what are their names?Christine (mom), Dondi (dad), Melvin (stepdad)
brothers...sister?Yeah 3 (how many times can I say that)
their names..?Arne(half bro) Melvette (stepsis),Evette (stepsis)
if you could name yourself, what would you name yourself?I like my name but Nelly doesnt
why that name?Because its not common
if you were another sex, what would you want you name to be?It depended on how I looked
why that name?I said it depends...
favorite animal:I love all animals...preferably dogs
favorite colorBlack
favorite food(s):burgers,fries,corn dogs,buffalo wings, etc.
favorite smell:Vanilla & Rose
favorite touch:anything soft
favorite person you know:My Mom
favorite famous person:My Mom (she is famous for her "World Famous Television Tea" and being the most beautiful person inside and out
favorite song:I hav many
favorite band:I hav many
favorite sound:beach waves
favorite thing:My Computer
favorite cell phone:I never owned 1 but I could of years ago...
favorite chapstick/lip gloss:I will hav to get back 2 ya with the brand but its Raspberry Orbit
favorite eye color:Green
favorite name:Melphina
favorite drink:Coca Cola
do you have a penis or vagina?vagina
do you wear spikey collars?No but I would
do you like to fight physically or verbaly?Verbally
did you ever have a crush on a teacher?No
did you ever have a crush on your older brother/sister's friend(s)?I dont know their friends
what about younger brother/sister's friend(s)?I dont know her friends
are you gay?No
or do you like BOTH SEXES?No
do you think i'm insane?Not Really
who's your best friend?My Mom
how old is your best friend?38
do you like Tool?Yeah
have you even heard of Tool?Yes
do you like rap?Yep
do you want rap to die out like disco?No
do you like disco?Yeah....no shame on you!!!
if yes...shame on you!
what's your screen name?LiLMaMa89 or Rhianna89 a few more if those are taken
what's your favorite word?I use the word "Nigga" a lot lol
is your principal a guy or a chick?A chick (my mom)
their name is..:Christine
do you like them?I Love My MaMa
have you ever gotten suspended?No I hav never been kicked out of my home
what for?I said no
how long (each one)?*sigh* I said NO
do you like Sammy Hager?Who?
Do you like Van Halen?Who?
Roth or Hagar?Ummm...Who?
Van Halen is bad with Hagar. he can't sing.
you heard of Foghat?No
do you have REAL friends in other towns (not online)?Yeah I guess
other states?No
other countries?No
are you an alien?No
are you an immegrant?No
are you from another country?No
is your mum or daddy from another country?No
what country?I said No
ever been to england?Nope
do you live there?No
do you know my name?No and I dont want to
what rhymes with colly?Holly,Molly,Dolly,Polly,Wally...
when you read 'Kittie' what do you think of?Cat
when you read 'Bon Scott' what do you think of?I dont think of anything
broken any bones?Nope
ever had surgery?No
why did you need surgery?I didnt
got any physical medical problems?Yeah right now I hav this pain in my butt!!!
any emotional problems?Maybe.....
bad health problems in general?Probably
do you d (illegal) drugs?No
what do you do?I dont do anything
do you take medication?Nope
ever tried to overdose?No
more than once?No
why did you do it more than once?I didnt -_-
ever been into rehab?No
Pick One.
cut or burn:Both but if I must pick 1 than cut
eat or drinkBoth but if I must pick 1 than drink since I love 44oz cokes from fountain drink dispensers
noisy or quiet:Quiet
rock or country:Rock
black or yellow:Black
paper or platic:Plastic
computer or phone:Computer
dial - up or DSL/broadband:Broadband
horror movies or porn:Horror Movies
books or magazines:Magazines
picture taking camera or video camera:Picture Taking
Kazaa or Limewire:Kazaa I dont know the other 1....
Morpheus or Kiwi:Morpheus I dont know the other 1....
fruit or veggies:Veggies yes strange reply....
this or that:This
history or english:English
jail time or probation:Probation
numbers or letters:Letters
left or right:Left
pens or pencils:Pencils for drawing Pens for writing
girls or boys:Boys
blue or brown:Blue
eyes or nose:Eyes
fingers or toes:Fingers
AC/DC or Metallica:Metallica
Van Halen or Pink Floyd:Pink Floyd
Nine Inch Nails or Insane Clown Posse:NIN
fitty cent or biggie:50cent
rap is gay anyway
clothes or no clothes:No Clothes
pizza or calzones:Pizza
van or truck:Van for room
dodge or ford:Ford
chevy or toyota:Chevy
gay or bi:Bi
brother or sister:I dont know
dead or alive:Thats a game....dead
Tool or A Perfect Circle:Tool
dollars or pounds:Dollars $$$
celcius or farenheight:Farenheight
kilometers or miles:Miles
god or satan:God
heaven or hell:Heaven
south park or crank yankers:South Park
the simpons or family guy:Family Guy
intercourse or oral:Both but I wont give oral....
top or bottom:Bottom
quick or slow:Both but if I must choose...slow
up or down:Up
in or out:In
hot or cold:Cold
windows media player or winamp:Windows Media Player...but I am getting WinAmp
water or fire:Water since I love to swim but fire also rocks...
blood or no blood:blood

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   Another Survey About Me...

more things about yourself. i'm crazy yes?

Created by slayerwz and taken 165 times on bzoink!

who you might be?
your nameRhianna
do you like your life?I am thankful for it
are you a girl or a boy?Girl
what's your pet peeve? or if you don't know what it meansOverly Optimistic People, Nosy People, Many More
your favorites!
moviesPassion of The Christ & Finding Nemo I think...
booksThe Secret Life of Amanda K Woods & Libby On Wednesday
bandToo Many To Name
actorSamuel L Jackson
actressAngelina Jolie
singerAmy Lee or Mia of Gretchen
foodAlmost Anything
drinkCoca Cola
place to live in?Anywhere with my mom
season?Summer....pool time baby!!!
monthOctober....the annual fair
subject in schoolHealth or Science...at home
animals?I love all animals....*cough cough dogs cough*
your behavior around people
how do you feel about gays?What they may do is wrong but I treat them equally
what do you want in your life?Friends & Love...and an all year round fair
when you graduate or had graduated, would you go to college next?Nope
Who would you rather hang out with, the popular or the jocks?I wouldnt "pick" who to hang out with by "labels"
what's the embarrasing things you've seen?I dont know
would you prefer to be in a large group or small group?semi large
Would you hang out with people who are sitting lonely in the corner?I am the lonely person in the corner
are you a lonerYes
Are you popular?People tend to like me....
are you a leader in your group?I dont hav a group
Do you pick on people?Not to cause offense
what would you like to do as a group?laugh
would you give up a best friend or a perfect sweet heart?depends....
your school
what school do you go to?homeschooled
what is your average grade?I dont hav grades but my test results are above average
do you like your school?Yes I enjoy being home
did you graduate?Not Yet
went to the prom?Nope
did you join any clubs?No
any sports?Nada
what's your favorite subject?Science or Health
What subject you're good at but didn't like?Math
what's your worst subject?History
ever pulled pranks?Yeah
have hated a teacher?No I love my mom very much
got any enemies?Nope
do you have something against cheerleaders?No
what do you like to do on your spare time in school?All Year is "spare time" summer is cramming time
should making out in the hall be allowed?In my hall yes ^_~ hehe
Should we be allowed to keep hats inside?That doesnt concern me
was your school private, or public?Well when I was in school it was public
which is better, private schools or public schoolspublic I guess
sacrifice millions of dollars or your best friend?yeah the best friend would hav to die...j/k no the money
get eaten by a shark or get bit by many poisonous snakes?Poisonous Snakes
hang out with overweight people or ugly people?Both...I wouldnt want someone not hanging out with me over flaws
watch Barney and friends for a month or eat worms for a monthBarney...well I dont really find that torture *embarrassed laugh*
lose a best friend or lose a boyfriend/girlfriendI dont wish to think of that
get lost in the forest or get lost in the desert?Forest
which is more important? Loyalty or respect?Respect
listen to old people ramble, or listen to screaming babiesOld People ... I think
fun stuff
what magical powers would you rather possess?Flight & Swordsmanship (i.e. Hero & CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon)
what would you like? A talking cat or a flying dog?Talking Cat
If your life was a movie, what would you call it?Enigma....oh wait thats already taken..well I dont know
who do you think can protray your life?I dont know
which celebrity would you definetly love to meet in person?I dont know...
Which would you choose, a gun or a sword?Sword (Only if I knew how to wield one) if not then a gun
would you play a truth or dare game?Yeah but if its something that I dont want to tell or do then I wont
if you can have three wishes, what would it be?That Adam Nor Eve ate that fruit ....after that I dont know
would you have your own talk show?Nope
What would you like to be famous for?erm...my humor maybe.or poems & art
would you spend four years on an island with an enemy or loud friendEnemy
would you forgive a person who hurt your feelings long time agoDepends...but mostly yes
would you keep a billion dollar you found on a floor?DUH!!!
would you make your own magazine?Yeah
would you make your own book?Maybe

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Just A Survey About Myself...

About Yourself ..

Created by moOrRgGaAnN and taken 140 times on bzoink!

Whats your lucky number?2
Who is your idol?My Mom
Are you like your mom or dad?Both
How many friends would you say you have?Under 10...
Are you a boring person?No
How old do you wish you were?I Dont Wish That
Do you annoy even yourself sometimes?No
Do i seem like a guy or a girl?Girl
Are you good looking?Others Seem To Think So...
who is your favorite Singer?Amy Lee or Mia from Gretchen
what is your style?Varies
favorite color?Black
Finally -What 3 things would you wish for if you got the chance?That Adam nor Eve ate that dang fruit!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

   illusion 1

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