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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Dollz by Me

If you decide to use them for whatever let me know please. Giving me credit for them will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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Monday, October 11, 2004

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

My Pet fetus!!! Doesnt do anything, but he looks cool on my site

I adopted a cute lil' poison fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

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YAY!!! 68 people have signed my guestbook! 348 have visited my site! I know that may not seem like anything to some of yall but it does to me so just umm....shutup :P yeah just shutup and umm quit stepping on my joy and stuff
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Untitled Poem By Me age:15
This world has caused me so much strife.

In my mind my last resort is a knife.

As I am in the tub of hot water I think to myself do I dare?

If I did it who would care?

Thoughts run through my mind.

Peace is all I am trying to find.

Am I in a dream or is this real,
because this pain I do so feel.

Is this really my life I am about to take,
or will I slit my wrist and suddenly awake.

I see water dripping from the tub faucet but I can hear no sound.

I want to change my mind but to my deed I am bound.

The air turns cold;
death is around.

Death donít take my soul;
I want to see how long it takes before Iím found.

The thought of changing my mind again begins to pound.

I drop the knife to the ground.

Suddenly I feel this feeling inside me,
I feel wonderful and set free.

The room appears less grim.

I climb out of the tub and water pours over the rim.

I run out the bathroom and down the hall,
I run so fast I am surprised I do not slip and fall.

As I run I hear a call.

As I am getting nearer,
my mind and body feel so much clearer.

As I run past my room I see my vanity mirror.

But I do not see my reflection.

I start to cry and run back away from what must be deception.

As I run back to the bathroom I see this isnít trickery.

I see a girl in tub of blood and this girl is me.

An answer I try to find,
confusion is clouding my mind.

I think how can this be when I dropped the knife;
pictures flashed that I dropped it because I had no life.

Death is now standing over my body,
and I am only a fooled spirit, Death extends his hand and voices tell me to go but I shall not hear it.

I run through a hall that never seems to end and I am covered in my own blood,
and wonder is this some threat or a torment to make me fret.

I go to open the door and suddenly awake in my bed drenched in sweat.

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

I saw a sign lastnight like the one in my archives for a strip joint. The front of it said 20 beautiful girls & one ugly one. Something like that, I cant remember the 2nd part, but the back said, "The More You Drink, The Better We Look"
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Friday was great, in the day I got to hang out with a friend who I havent spent time with in a long long time and we went out to eat and went to Toys R Us, sadly they didnt have this PS2 game I was looking for...pfft the jerks :P I had a nice time. In the night I went to a techno dance party called Fusion, with Jonya and my mom who volunteers there. Now Jonya will be volunteering, we all got in free since we're V.I.P. :P I had alot of fun, and actually danced yay I'm so proud. I danced with glow sticks for the 1st time and did darn good. That was our 1st techno dance party, hopefully we will go every month they come. It was cool when we were standing around in a circle and these guys were break dancing, they were really good. They had an after party w/ free pizza & drinks :D
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Friday, October 8, 2004

Peter Griffin, Back by Popular Demand

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Thursday, October 7, 2004

If yall would please go to Duzell's site and comment on her last post and ask her not to leave, would be greatly appreciated. please please please do this 4 me. Thanx to all who do. Love ya, Later
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