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i'm kasumi le and from vietnam.i am in houston tx.the first time i watch j-animes,i was like so amaze with all these actions.then i started worship it!lol!it encourage me not to give up.well, to make this simpler, i'm an average girl. not too good and not too bad. and i'm not that smart either. still, one of my goals is to pass my exams andall...but sometime i don't care about that.i care about encouraging other people and protect them.i'm a "nice" person.i can really protect them, i'm stronger than the boys in my class.they can't judge me by my looks.cute(others says so),skinny weak.i am cute and skinny..but, not weak!..heh heh...anyways, thanks for reading!bye!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

sigh...its been a long time that i haven't post.haha. ok,byebye

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

   The Lantern Festival
yesterday was the Lantern Festival. i went to the temple to celebrate it. its cool. i guess. there were cool music and actings, there's also dragon dancers!^_^ i didn't eat yet, cus i had so much fun!!i get to hang out with my friends and all...i kinda kick some people's butt..-_-... wat?they were messing with me!!ahahaha!!it was cool though.anyhoo...i'm bored right now. oh wells, bye!sign my guestbook pleez!
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Sunday, August 28, 2005

   i change my layout AGAIN....
hi ya!i try soooo hard to find a good pic and the size and stuff...it took me like, over 10 tries!i'm so tired.ey, please sign my guestbook!don't leave without saying anything!^_^!!ok, goodnight peoples...ZZzzz
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