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Friday, May 26, 2006


The INFAMOUS Captain finally RETURNS with an Update, Hahaha! I haven't posted for over a MONTH! My excuse were Finals & to prove it, I ACED them all...Hopefully! ;P

Now I have a reason for Updating today!

  1. I'm not DEAD...Yet!
  2. I have an intsy wintsy Announcement to make

Now direct your attention to this Announcement! For those of you who wish not to have me on your Friend's List due to lack of Updates, it's okies dokies w/me...No hard feelings whatsoever! Actually, I would PREFER it if you didn't! I don't think anyone wants to have a friend who isn't willing to Post! I think it's not fair for others to comment me, while I don't! Yesh, I'm a POOR Member to MyO, but I've been a BUSY bee! Even Chubbi Chibies finds time to Update! I'll be cleaning up my Friend's List in several days! :D

Onwards...I forgot to mention that Summer's HERRE! I have Driver's Ed & Summer School begining June 5TH! I'm not sure when I'll Update again, so keep your eyes peeled, Hehehe! Our Summer English Project was handed out to us a few days before Finals & I'm planning to read Falling Leaves! I thought that was a decent choice I made, since Chubbi Chibies is reading it too! :)

I'm begining to watch Eureka Seven, but it's not catching my attention right now...Bleach will be debuting on Adult Swim this upcomimg Fall! Until next time... :]

-Ja-mata ne-
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