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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Credits go out to: RinoaSquall4ever for helping in coding...Thankis bunchies! Others who I want to acknowledge are: Kururu, Melifina, Mika, Marina for the extracted flower PNGs and Anime Galleries for their images! I've also altered the scrollbar and added a comment box! I'm really proud of the picture on the Haloscan Comment box! ;]

Other than that, FullMetal Alchemist was EXCEPTIONAL!The ending was GREAT in my opinion! It leaves you somthing to think about...For me it was two! Now it's time for the movie! I just knew Ed wouldn't die! Hehehe ;D

I had a WONDERFUL weekend even though it was filled with HW! I hope everyone had a TERRIFIC weekend as well! Keep in mind...I probably won't update as much nowadays since the 2nd semester is ending and finals are approaching, but I'm always here to comment/visit when possible! :]

-Ja-mata ne-

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