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Wednesday, February 1, 2006


I finally have the chance to update! I apologize greatly for those who have updated in the past several days that I never commented/visited! Truely I am, but since school is getting to me w/quizzes, tests, -n- of course bunchies of hw...I don't have time for MyO! Though at times I won't be able to visit/comment, so I would like to apologize beforehand for my absence! ;D

On other news, I just received my Geometry grade -n- I got a 97! Expected a 100, but I guess I can live w/the grade I got...Silly mistakes! :D


oOo?! Happy Birthday Frogger91! I wasn't able to make you birthday card b/c I wasn't here! Best wishes to you to! Hope you have a good one -n- more to come! ;]

Let's see what else...Nope I got nothing! I'm off now to visit/comment sites! :]

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