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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

   Happy Day! Happy Day! Happy-Oof! *trips over Sailor Mercury plushie on ground* Mercury-chan, you did this on purpose...-_-;;

Bakura-sama?? Why the heck is he wearing Yuugi's clothes? O_O

Sailor Mercury:Well he looks good in them-uh! *covers her mouth and madly blushes*

LiL AnimE AngeL: |_|;;;;

Sailor Mercury: I didn't mean it that way!!

LiL AnimE AngeL: Hey! No two-timing Urawa, ya hear, Mercury-chan?

Sailor Mercury: What are you talking about!?

LiL AnimE AngeL: Heh heh, don't play stupid with me. >=3

*Mercury turns bright red and runs away*

LiL AnimE AngeL: Um...anyway, i went to orientation today. Here's wat happened:

First, i woke up at 5:30 and got ready (that's impossible for me to do. i was in the shower half asleep ^^;;)

Second, I went on the bus (i'm so happy my friends are on there ^^ but i haven't taken the bus since 5th grade, so it'll be hard to get used to)

Third, i got to the highschool (my friend, patricia, introduced me to some girls. they were cool. they were on the field hockey team, and the one girl plays football. me and her talked about how wearing skirts were a pain. i haven't worn a skirt or dress since i was...i can't remember!! >_< oh yea, by the way, i go to catholic school so we gotta wear uniforms, yucky!)

Fourth:We waited in the gym (or auditorium, they don't got one -_-;;)Me and my friend, sara, played tick-tac-toe and hangman 'cause we were bored. ^^;;

fifth, we went to homeroom. (sara fell asleep in class 'cause she stayed up all night watching anime! ^-^;;;;)

sixth, we got our textbooks and got id pics and all (i hate getting my pic taken...)

seventh, i got lost and couldn't find the computer room! (i'm very bad w/ directions ^^;;;)

after that, we went back to the homeroom building (yes, it's 2 buildings this school) but then i found out that i had to bring my text books w/ me! T_T my friend sara forgot too, so we went back and got our books. they were heavy >_<;;

we crossed the streets by ourselves (we almost got hit because this baka sped down the street) and we saw about 15 neko. they were so kawaii! she was telling me about her new cat, and she named it Luna like on sailor moon ^____^

we went back to the building and i got klutzed out a bagillion times (i put my books ontop of my locker, but the top wasn't flat, it was slanted, so they fell on my head T_T and i put them on the ground, opened my locker, forgot i left the door of it open, and as i bent down to get my books and stand up, bang! i hit my head ^^;;; then we were walking back to the other building later and i almost tripped this kid over 'cause i stepped on his shoe ^_^;;;;;)

anywho, i'm skipping all the boring parts and on the bus ride home my friends and me were talking about the day and i made sara talk about her trip to japan. she said she saw final fantasy VII in the movies and looked at japanese manga(i mean in kanji)

then, since i was wearing my hair like usagi's, patricia used them as buzzers >_<;;; sara claims she's gonna call me meatball-head from now on and patricia wants to call me odango -_-;;; haha. very funny, guys.

well, the day was good i thought ^_^ and i got to finish my sailor moon super s boxset! yay! onto another season of bishojo senshi sailor moon!! too bad i'm poor now T_T i'm left w/ $20, and i'm saving that for some manga, and it isn't enough for another boxset. anywho, i'm done rambling.

also i wanted to say thank you everyone for helping Inuyashaiscool. She decided not to commit suicide! I'm so relieved! Also, I want to thank Inuyashaiscool herself, because she had courage, not fear, to not hurt herself. I'll see you all in the future, and right now i'll get to visiting ur sites! TTYL!


...LiL AnimE AngeL...

p.s.-gomen for the long post, i bet i bored everyone out of their minds, but i HAD to type this up! ^^;;;

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