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Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Galaxia: This world can't be protected by someone who won't fight! It's because of all your weakness that all of your friends are gone!

Usagi: They're not gone!

Galaxia: What?

Usagi: The Starlights told me... that if I don't give up, they're always with me! It's possible that everyone is really gone when I give up! So, I won't give up! Never!

I liked that part, it was the last episode of sailor moon when usagi and galaxia battled eachother. plus i promised a while ago that I'd post a pic of Galaxia's second form. This one is her first form:

This pic is her second level form when she is fully possessed by the being called "Chaos":

I hope you all enjoyed the pics! Gomen that i didn't get to anyone's sites yesterday T_T But i'll go visit ur sites now, so sayonara for now, minna!

Random quote of the moment:"Never doubt the power of innocent dreamers. Never doubt the dreams of innocent children. Never doubt your worst nightmare!" -Amazoness Quartet from Sailor Moon

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