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Monday, September 6, 2004

   I'm So Tired......zzz..............

I got up pretty early to post this morning since i probably won't have time later today. i gotta go to soccer training for 2 hours (9-11) and then awhile later i'm going over to my friend's house before the school year starts (BOO! School! *hiss*) I'm glad ya guys liked the funny pic i put up yesterday. so today i'm doin' another! Here it is:

Sailor Mercury:Oh, you just had to go there, didn't you?

LiL AnimE AngeL: But you look kawaii there, Mercury-chan!

Sailor Mercury: No, I look like a baka...

LiL AnimE AngeL: C'mon, everyone knows already that you're the most brilliant sailor senshi! ^_^;;;;

Sailor Mercury:-_-;;

LiL AnimE AngeL: I dunno if i could visit everyone's sites today, but i'll do my best if i get the chance! TTYL! Sayonara! ^^

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