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Friday, September 3, 2004

   *~*Yu-Gi-Oh: Uncut October 2004~*~

Just for in case anyone didn't kno, but on october 19 dvds of uncut yu-gi-oh episodes are being released by funimation. they include the original japanese episodes on it too.^^ i found this on a site:

"Hotly anticipated special DVD collector's editions of Yu-Gi-Oh! is being released on October 19 in association with FUNimation. The discs will contain the original, unedited Japanese animation, never before available in the
U.S. and Canada.

The collectorís editions will restore the many features of the original
Japanese versions, changed due to the necessities of American broadcast
standards. For example, religious symbols including pentagrams, crosses,
and stars of David were replaced by nondescript images. Similarly,
depictions of violence such as the slicing of monsters, firing of weapons
and the showing of blood were reduced or removed. In addition, cleavage was
reduced, skirts lengthened and clothing added to numerous characters, in
order to diminish sexually provocative content. Everything has been
restored, including footage cut in order to meet on-air time requirements for commercials.

The releases will also feature newly recorded English language tracks
with the entire original cast, as well as the original Japanese tracks and
English subtitles. The versions broadcast on U.S. television contained
English dialogue that was substantively different from the Japanese in
many ways, due to the same considerations that necessitated alterations and
cuts to the visual elements. The new tracks accurately reflect the Japanese
script as originally written.

These are the titles being released:

YU-GI-OH! Volume 1: The Shadow Games
Episode 1 The Blood Curdling Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Episode 2 The Trap of Illusionist Faceless Mage
Episode 3 The Lost Exodia

YU-GI-OH! Volume 2: The Insector Combo
Episode 4 The Insector Combo
Episode 5 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
Episode 6 Maiís Beautiful Harpies

The suggested retail price will be $19.98."

This is GREAT news!!! I really really want to get these, and hopefully in the future they'll have more episodes coming out (like the ones with malik and yami no bakura working together...well, sorta working together ^^;;;) oh yea, a friend of mine,Houka says she needs more gb entries, so if u would please go visit her site! It would be most appreciated! I'll visit ur sites later, because i have to go to soccer practice (again...-_-;;;) Bye for now!

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