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Friday, August 19, 2005

today i got two trips to make. -_- ........why?

hey. well today I'm going to the doctors to do a check up nothing more. there's nothing wrong with me. I'm not really looking forward to it cause it's going to be boring just sitting there and waiting for ur turn and blah blah blah. after that i have to go to high school cause there's something wrong with my schedule so i got to get that fixed. y am I the only one that has something wrong with the schedule but all my friends' schedules are fine? lol. oh well. yea today is going to be an intresting day.

well I'm an o.k sister i guess? i dunno. we all don't really show love cause we just don't care. doesn't mean i hate them just don't give a crap cause they can take care of them selfs and if we need help then we ask. if we don't then yea we can handle it. I knew we were going to find my sis cause she got lost before too but that was when we were in the apartment building and she went to visit my mom's friend to eat. she doesn't even ask -_- so it's all normal. lol.

I'm soo bored...oh and if u have darksoul on ur list of friends u can delete that cause it's kinda useless.

.:You live your life: ~watchingly~:.
You are an angel of Earth. You never take a day off
for yourself. You live for your loved ones and
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Fire Sprite
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ability for fighting. You are a natural leader,
people are somewhat drawn to you and see you as
someone to look up to but you only pay
attention to them if they are useful, your
equal or your superior. You are a very exciting
person to be near for you have a vast love of
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Passion if and when you choose to love you are
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[edit] i came back and I'm fine. i went to the school and it says come back next week. she told me to read the newsletter next time. -_- i don't read those things. it's stupid. who cares about the school anyways? damn it! do u know how long it took me to find the damn door? we coudn't get in the front cause they just waxed the floor so we have to enter the music room door? wth is that? guess what.it was at the side of the school behind the damn garbage big thing. wth r they called again? ahh who cares screw it. i hated the girl. she gave me the most twisted smile i had ever seen!! remind me to make her life a living hell when school starts!!!


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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   i love life!

hahahaha well remember when i said my sisters were annoying? guess what happened? well my lil sis (8 yrs old) went to play outside. it was time for her to come back home so my mom went to go get her. she went to the girl's house (the one my sis was hanging over at) and they were not home. so my mom went and looked outside for her. she didn't find her. she came back and told me to go look for her. i did and her friends told me she crossed the street to another complex. I'm like "wth? y would she go there"? nobody lives there that r her friends. so everybody was looking for her. my mom was soo worried and so was everybody else. we were going to call the cops but then the girl arrived home (the girl she was suppose to hang out with) we asked her where rawan is and she told us that she was at hailey's house? who's she? well we went to the complex and knocked on the girl's door. it tunred out that my sis was there playing with her friend. wow 2 hrs of looking and she was having fun playing with this girl nobody knows.....my mom got mad at her and told her next time she wants to play outside she can forget it. lol yes! my sis got in trouble! not only that she can't see her friends! yea!!! now she's going to be all sad....boo hoo....lol. see she was suppose to call when something important happens.oh well. everybody was happy they found her excpet for me. I was like meh. my sis rozan didn't even bother go looking for her. lol

today i went to my mom's friend's house to hang out with my friend and i stayed there till 10. it was fun. I was playing with her cat. I love cats!^-^ lol

FORTUNE COOKIE! "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

three quizzes! cause I want to take all the quizzes and put em here on this site as fast as i can.
QUIZ:Ice Goddess
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You are a Dog demon! You are very loyal the best
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one who is willing to fight for who u are!
go kick some ass

what r u? (girlz) (anime pics)
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Monday, August 15, 2005

damn those sisters!!!

hey!^-^ I've been playing around with my site and this is how it looks like. I kinda like it! lol

well nothing's new. my baby brother b-day was two days ago and it was o.k. we never party on our b-days only a few days after we do? that's weird. well that's what happens when dad goes on a vacations and leaves us here with mom. lol he's the one that gets the presents and lets us do parties but mom is more of a calm type of person who just brings cake and presents with no parties....-.-

well my title is like that cause I've been getting annoyed alot these past few days!>:( my sisters are a pain especily the one who made an account here. i knew that she will start taking over the computer. she doesn't let me on. my other sister is stupid as always but now it's just crazy stupid i can't handle it! i feel like i wanna take em to a room and then blow them to hell! lol. o.k yea....i guess they aren't that bad. if they keep annoying me then i swear one of these days.......

oh i made an account on the OtakuBoards. if anybody has one can u tell me so i can add u to my buddy list!^^

hey!^^ this is a fortune cookie! (yea i think they new that) I like this fortune. lol

FORTUNE COOKIE! :"Foolish is the man who pee's into the wind."

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What Kon Are You?

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   nothing speacil

well I took the song off cause my friend got mad at me and wanted it so yeah.... oh well I'm glad u guys liked the song!^^ I did too![edit] i added a song. it's called breathe again from Boa.

I've been commenting some ppls sites but not all but don't worry.

on saturday i went to a park with a big group of friends. They whole family had to go not just my friends, it was fun! lol the adults started singing there traditional songs and dancing in the bus! Everytime we see a truck pass by we tell it to blow it's horn. lol it was fun! there were lots of food! oh the park was huge and far so there was a bus that takes u there. It's also a zoo! I loved the animals there! there was a baby monkey! It was soo cute! my friend wanted to take a pic of the animals so I brought the traditional drum with me and started banging ot it so they can look at the camera. well for some animals it worked and others didn't care. I saw lions! oh and wolfs. I was making the howling sound at them and they howled! wow now i see y ppls like listening to the sound. It was awsome! my first time hearing it in real life not t.v. lol

the day after that we went to another park but it was in the city. It was o.k but too hot! i hated it! u know what ticked me off? that the pool was right behind me and i could of gone for a swim! damn it! oh well. summer is still not over.

I went school shopping yesterday! I got everyhing i need! I'm ready for school! my friends are not looking forward to it cause they're scared. I'm not! r u kidding me? it's just school? big deal so it's high school now. u still get to see teachers and homework plus ur friends so what's the diff? lol.

I worked on my webbie some more! i got the music page up!^^ I'm doing request! I did j-pop and korean first. I'll get to anime soon. like tommorrow.

oh asianboy0254 should me a site. It' a game site. u have to download the game and its free. the game is called gunbound. I'm addicted to the game! lol u get a human and u get to dress it up. u play agianst other ppls around the world and chat.

this is a very long post! sorry guys! i know it's long! lol. I'll make up for it. well that's all! thank u for reading!^^ *hugs*
I'll get to everybody's sites tommorrow! I promise! ttyl!

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yea! i got him! he's my fav ch in that show!

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   hey ppls!

hey guys!^^ yup I made a new site! well I put a new song on and I love this song! it's haliriuos!:D here's the lyrics for it!

My Dim Sum Girl...
by Notorious MSG

Yo, this song goes out to all you sexy girls who push the dim sum carts all
over the world...you know who you are, babies...you work so hard and we love
you so much....check it out yo

It's been so long since I've seen you smile
looking so good coming down that aisle
with that sexy dress and a little dim sum
makes me crazy when I order chow fun

people - they're telling me
that i shouldn't bother with a lady
like you - you rock my world
yes you - my dim sum girl

watching...waiting...waiting for you baby
to tell me that I'm the guy for you and that you wanna be my lady
one day yes you will see - that I will always be
the one who will make fried rice for you for all eternity

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought i'd find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I'm going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

Why you gotta tease me, baby...
you're driving me crazy
don't you see...
don't play me like that, baby - please
just give me one chance

In the morning - at noon, at night
I think about you and it feels so right
so happy - when you look my way
when i talk to you you make my day
I see the tears in your eyes
please my baby don't you cry
tomorrow is a whole new day
let's me and you sing karaoke

Together...forever...that's the way it's got to be
please make my dream come true so I can live my fantasy
oh say that you'll be mine - you know it's a matter of time
come eat my rice with your chopsticks and leave the spoon behind

Dim sum girl
you really rock my world
my dim sum girl
I never thought I'd find a
girl from northern china
who make me feel so good

Dim sum girl
in such a crazy world
my dim sum girl
I'm going to make it all right
we can party all night
so beautiful and pure

My dim sum girl

I don't wanna live without you dim sum girl
take me away to your dim sum world
I want to hold you
I want to squeeze you
please say you will be mine - all mine

Hey baby you wear that dress for me?
you look great...what time you get off work, huh?
you must be so tired....let?s say you and me go get some boba tea -
what's wrong, baby?
what's wrong?
did I say something?
don't leave me this way baby, no - don't go....
you are the only one for me...please don't break my heart like this!
no more fooling around....
I?m not a player anymore!
come back to me, baby....
come back to me.....
(the song makes me think of a fat guy signing to a waitress in a resturant.lol!)

well yesterday was my b-day and It doesn't feel like i became 14. I didn't do anything this year. no party or anything. I got presents from my mom and my friend kat. my mom said the party will be this weekend. to tell u the truth i don't care about the presents! I care about the food more!:P

I haven't been on but not to worry I will. I still need to add more ppls. I will still leave darksoul on so other ppls who visit it can visit my friends,new or old. man...now i got to move everything here(quizzies and stuff) oh well.I got nothing to do this month too. I'll miss that site......

I got a call fromdark samurai! she's the one who lives in america! she is going to visit here on her b-day (feb 19) and during summer but on june and I'll still be at school though. u guys should see her artwork! she's amazing!her art work!

I like this site very much! all bright! lol. well here is the quiz(two of them)
Happiness makes your heartbeat. Being genuinely
happy is such a rare quality in people today.
So enjoy your uniqueness my friend! Live to be
happy and to be loved!

What Makes Your Heartbeat?
brought to you by QuizillaI like this quote!Rise
Your wise quote is: "Our greatest glory is not
in never falling, but in rising everytime we
fall" by Confucius.
Yes indeed, you see true strenght can only be
seen when a person has "fallen". Only
then one can tell how they will handle it. Just
don't make others fall so you can know who they
really are. You on the other hand may be a very
quick recoverer and don't let people bring you
down. You are your own, and you're find with
that. Emotional issues is something you handle
rather nicely.

What wise quote fits you?(pics) UPDATED
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(^+^)~lightsoul~(^=^)<---look my new siggy! lol.

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