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Monday, September 15, 2008

2 Year update
I doubt that updating now will have any affect on my site or the people who use to come to visit it. But I just wanted to give an update on my life.

I had remembered this site a few days ago while cleaning my room and I came to visit. I looked back at old posts and 2 things really popped into my mind; 1) what an awful speller I was. I mean it was truly horrendous. I don't see how any of you guys made it through a post. And 2) how much I truly needed this site to get me through the roughest time of my life.

When I joined MyOtaku I wasn't really looking for friends, but just a place where I could spread my ideas on anime. But it really became more then that. It branched so away from any anime and more into an emotional block of my life that I was blessed to have. Having one through my middle school life into a trail time in High school I was lucky to have great friends on here who actually cared about me (The art didn't hurt either lol). And this is just a thank you to MyOtaku for providing me with an outlet for all my emotional leaks. And thanks to all the people who have supported me through the years I was on.

Well now that that's over with; what am I up to now you may not wondering. Well I am currently fulfilling my dreams on the internet and I own my own domain: Uruwashii.org. Google it, it'll be easy to find. I also have a wondering support system with my family and have gained wonderful life long friends. I have a wonderful online boyfriend who thinks the world of me (lol).

I have given up drawing and have moved onto singing and working mostly on the internet. I am planning to attend ITT Tech of Jacksonville in the fall of 2009, at least I want to. I am graduating high school this year.

So that is really I have to say. Thanks for the years of support and different things.

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