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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Finally time to go!

Well Lie74 here for one last update. Yes I will finally be going. I have been without the Otaku for some time and I find myself not needing it at all in my life. It was great at the time I started and I created great friends. But in the end all things come down to nothing.

So I just wanted everyone to know I am really happy about my lfie and things going on right now. Lifa is fun when it's challgening. And I am finding myself set on a path I can't turn from. Yet learning along the way. I hope I do talk to more people and have more friends. I know I'll teasure every moment I had on the Otaku. I love all my friends. But finding myself doing other work with other sites I completely forgit about the Otaku all together.

If anyone still wants to keep in touch my e-mail is lmsheerin@comcast.net or you can add me on MSN with the e-mail Lisa_Lacus_Sheerin@hotmail.com

Also I want people to know that just because I'm leaving doesn't mean I left for a certin reason. All together I'm leaving. Sorry for anyone who enjoyed my life and liked my graphics. But I do have some sites up here and there. Look on goggle for anything that has to do with Natsu-Bara and you'll find me.

I can't really think of much else to say. I love the Otaku and I love eveyone who suports and loves the Otaku. But love does fade once you pull away. So I just wanted to say good bye offically and tell everyone how great they are.

I'm finally leaving! Peace out my Otaku love! I wish you all the best in life and hope your dreams come true no matter what they are! *glomps everyone who reads*


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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Vanessa-chan...and me too!

Well happy Otaku birthday to you Vanessa-onee-chan! I was sitting here and I was like "I didn't make anything for you yet. So I kinda threw something togther. So I hope your not too upset with it. ^^;;; I know it's not as good as last year's GIF and stuff. But I tried.

Anyways. Here it is. Enjoy it! =D

Well anyways it's my birthday too. And my friend Janet who spent 6 days in a row, gave me my gift early. She made me a fan listing! I was very happy. And I think people should join. =D Well if your a fan that is. ^^;;; Anyways here is the link: Lisa's Fanlisting

Well I know last post I said I had a Stellar site. Well I would be sharing the link with you today, but my host deleted my account for a stupid reason, that I could have fixed, very easily. But NOOOO!!! It got me upset and mad. But I'm over it. I finally opened my blog crew back open. =D I don't have it linked here. But I do have my blog opened. But I'm too lazy to link it. ^^;;;

Well thanks for everyone! Happy birthday!!! =D

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

It's been so long!

ACK! I went crazy last post didn't I? Sorry 'bout that guys. But I'm much better now then I was before. My haterded for MyOtaku.com is all gone now, and has shifted upon YouTube. That site drives me mad now. So I have finally come back to say that It's one week till my birthday! WHOOT! Sweet 16 here I come!

So summer vacation is going good so far. I have finally gotten all of my pages done on my Stellar site and working hard on other sites that I have on the net. I am actually trying to get my own domain, but I have to see how much money I am willing to spend on it. =D

Sorry I haven't been on in like forever and that I keep treating to leave. But I really don't think I could ever leave this place. It's just really fun and I don't think abou looseing my few friends here. If anyone comes to visit me anymore. ^^;;; My rankign sure has dropped, but not by much which is kinda shocking me. But I will try to update more. I'll tries really hard!

Well TTFN ta-ta for now! *waves*

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Okay I'm only updating for one reson,

I see that Ayame Clyne is back! Yay!! I would comment on your site girl but myOtaku is gay and won't letm e comment still. I really don't care though. I'm thinking about quiting anyways. I wasted two years of my life here. That's more then alot of people on here can say. I guess I am one of the older members then? Ne?

Oh well. Lemme finish this gay little post up and be on my marry way. Sorry if I'm a little edgy guys. My dad deleted alot of stuff off my computer so I can't run my regular sites because he got rid of my FTP editor. I'm really mad at that. So now I have to go find were I got mine from again and set it all back up and find all of my log on stuff. This is a HUGE MAJOR pain in the ass! Exscuse my french but it sucks. So pardon me as I go find something I can do, because god forbin that when I finally get back on the Otaku I can't comment at all my really good friends sites.

I'm so pissed off at this stupid site! *Wishes the Otaku would burn in flames in the pits of hell*

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Thursday, June 1, 2006


Well this is the new theme. I have been lazy as of late and really didn't want to find the codes for all this stuff. But I have nothing better to do. So Here is the new theme. And I will try and be a good Otaku-ean and visit people AND comment. Shocking I know. So if you see a comment from me feel lucky. XD I'm so cruel.

Well anyways the new theme. It is Aibon and Tsuji from Morning Museme, Mini Moni, and W. I'm pretty sure they have been in other groups together though. XD Well I really like these two girls because they look so much alike and there so cute together. I thought they we're twins at first. But there not. XD I was kinda shocked. But I really like Nonozmi and Kago. Also I am happily saying that I have the winter concert from this year of MM, W, Berryz, and C-ute. And it took me three days to torrent it. But I love it! And if any of you all follow Aibon you will know this concert was pushed back due to her scandle. For those of you who think she did something really bad. She didn't. Is wasn't THAT bad. She was just caught smoking. But the pictures don't even look like her so I would hate to believe that it was her. I love Aibon! ^^

Well not much else. Enjoy the theme everybody. Oh and tell me if I'm missing any side links cuz I forgot about those and did that last second. Oh and comment link is under my info and stuff. Byes!

EDIT: Never mind about commenting. I can't comment on anyones site. I dunno why. Maybe I did something again and they took it away from me. I don't really understand. But if I don't get my comments back at the end of this week (ie Sunday) Bye bye Otaku. This site drives me crazy anyway.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Clearing house
Well guys I did what I said. I cleaned out my friends list. It may not hold EVERYONE. But then again if you really come to my site then you are still on. But I also have people on there that I enjoy reading there posts so I kept them on. ^^

Well not much going on with life. We just beat Kingdom Hearts 1. So now my bro and I are working on KH2. I must say its alot more fun playing KH2 then one. XD But I also got FF X-2. Now that is a fun game! I enjoy playing that game for hours on end. It's a bit hard to understand cuz I've never played FF X or any FF for that matter but I plan to work it all out later. ^^;;;

Well I got a phone call from my "twin" yesterday. My friend Justin, yes a boy shocking, called me up because he was board and didn't have anything to do. Turns out his brother went to stay at a friend's house and took his Zelda game. Well we talked for at least an hour. It was a long time. We talked about school and stuff and it was pretty fun. My phone started to beep so I had to get off but it was fun while it lasted. Some of you may be wondering why I call him my "twin". Well that is simple, well not really but I have nothing else to post about so I might as well say it. He was saying something one day and I think I finished the sentance for him and Tris asked "What are you guys twins?" I only looked at him and then looked at Justin and said "Yeah! What about it!" so now we just say that as a greeting I guess. XD I know weird.

Well I also got an e-mail from my Blue Jacket buddie and Minh. Minh was braging about how he is going back to VN and how he has to pack. It was getting on my nerves a bit. But that's Minh for ya. Oh well. Things are going all the same.

I have to go to the orthadautis on Wesnday I think. T_T I don't wanna go there! I mean it's not because he is a bad guy or anything, it's just really annyoing. And it takes about an hour for each appoiment. But I have been wearing my rubberbands so I should be okay. I've been thinking about it, and I'm thinking the more I don't wear them the more time I have to keep these stupid things on. So I will clentch my fist and bare it, not teeth they hurt too much with the rubberbands in. But i will get through this!

Well I do believe I made this post long enough, and it's about nothing. Kinda shocking. Oh well. I plan to have a new theme soon. This dark one is sooting me well at the moment but I have at least 50 layouts stocked in my comp that I need to use. XD Byes!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Something on this site is buggin' me. I think this site is wacked out! For one thing is that I was at 103 Popularaty and now I'm at 105. In one day? Kinda fishy. Also I had 130 GB signings. Now I have 128. I know some people quite the Otaku but that is no reason why my GB's should go down. This site drives me crazy alot and makes me wanna quite it so bad. Not to sound like a bitch but I have other sites I could be working on and I do have a blog outside this site. I'd rather update that then this everyday. At least with the other sites I can do everything on my terms and not worry about everyone else.

I know I sound really bitchy right now and most people will be like "If you don't like it then quit." Well the people at YouTube are really pissing me off as well. If you don't like anime I don't give a dam. But if you go and insult my AMVs and say it's a waste of bandwidth and make fun of anime then I get pissed. And then you get your little frikin' friends to come and bash me too I will come and curse your asses out because I'm sick and tired of all this crap!

Well on a better foot I am offically done with school. I have everything turned in so I'm good. I really did bad this last term I think. I couldn't help it though. I think my Math terms were fixed. I get into the ladies class and do great because I'm the good girl and didn't talk to anyone. After the first gaurter I start getting C's on test. Now I know, I know everything on that test and got them all right. Yet I always do things wrong. I think I might have even gotten a D. Which really sucks because I even did make up work and everything. So I hope I pass with a good grade. And Science sucks. I hate everyone in that class and I'm glad to be out of it. I was in this one girl group because I was "the smart girl". Which basically meant that "Hey look! She makes good grades, let's make her do all the work!" Which didn't work because I had other things I had to do with my small out side of school life that I had. So they kicked me out of there group. They never said they did but while working on the next project the Oh-so-stupid-blond-big-breasted-loser said "Oh she's not doing any work for you either? That's why we kicked her out of our group." I was like Thanks bitch. You've just made my days brighter. Turns out I wrote the whole thing out for them. Stupid dyke.

Sorry I'm venting out on here. But whenever I vent out on the Otaku it makes me feel better. I know that the people who actually take the time to read this understand me and will understand. I have been a bad Otaku-ean. I am really horriable. I don't go to anyone's sites. I don't comment at all. I don't even remember the last time I commented. I guess I could always go and look that up. I really should get rid of my friends list due to the fact that half of them don't post anymore, if they do post I've grown so apart from them it does matter, or haven't updated within at least a month. So I am thinking over on getting rid of alot of people on my friends list. Yes I think I will.

Well I guess that is all for now. Byes!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh the things I have done
Well sadly I got sick this morning and couldn't attend school. How sad I know. Why do I always get sick when I have a math test? AUGH!!! I hate that. Oh well, Lisa keep your head up high. You only have to finish this week and next week and I'm out. Thank goodness. But sadly my friend is moving. So I won't see her for a while. T_T

Well anyways I hope you guys like the new theme. It's Kingdom Hearts. My dad finally caved and got us a PS2. So me and my bro are trying to beat KH 1. My mom and dad say that they aren't going to get us 2 unless we beat 1. So me and my bro are determinded to beat one. And of course we are adicted to it! Anyone who has played the game gets addicted to it. I'm sure of it. But I also got 2 InuYasha games, I have been playing those in between KH. Oh and I guess I forgot to mention that it's in my room! YAY!!!

Well not much else going on. I have to make sure our house is ready for my gtrandparents because they are going to be here on Friday! YAY...again! ^__^ I haven't seen them in about 3 years. So I'm really to see them.

So that is all. Byes everyone! (No video today. To lazy)

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Umm, sickly I guess
I feel really sick right now. XP It is cold and yet it is around 80 degress outside. T_T I guess I'm not feeling well.

Well someone asked me how to make rice balls. Well I figured I would tell you all how to make them. But I'm not there to actually show you so it's kinda hard. But anyways....
What you will need:
-A big bowl
-Smaller bowl
-Pot (to cook the rice)
-A stove (Also to cook)
-A sink would help too ^^;;;

Step 1: You get your rice, it can be any kind of white rice, and then you scoup it out into a bowl.
Step 2: You will fill that bowl with water, till it's about an inch above the rice.
Step 2: Mix the rice up, the water will get really murky. So mix it up till you can't see the rice at all.
Step 3: Pour that whole bowl into a strainer over the sink. Then dump your rice back into the bowl, and repeat step two till the water is clear.
Step 4: While cleaning your rice you may want to start to warm up your stove, I'm not quite sure the tempature, just hot enough to boil it, and put your pot on there.
Step 5: When you have your rice ready dump it in the pot you have over the burner on your stove. Let it boil for a while, but make sure it doesn't get stuck to the bottom of the pot. Also make sure the water is about an inch above the rice as well.
Step 6: When all the water is gone and the rice is kinda thick, wet a paper towel and get a dry one. But your stove on simmer and place the dry one then the wet paper towel over the top of your pot so your rice can steam. (Un less you have a rice maker) Remember to lift the edges of the paper towels up, I wouldn't want your house to catch on fire.
Step 7: After your rice has steamed for a while dump it all out on a flat surface. Wait for the rice to calm down before trying to make rice balls, you need your rice to be hot though, but not to the point your burning your hand off to touch it.
Step 8: After dumping your rice out I would get your small bowl and fill it with water. Your gonna need it to cool your hands while making them.
Step 9: When your rice is cooled off enough start to take some balls of it and shape it into any shape, most rice balls sold are in the shape of triangels, It will be hot so make sure you dip your hands in the water if they start to burn.
Step 10: After making them if you have it, put the nori on it, the sea weed. Note that Nori is an acuiered taste, so I think some people will not like it. But if you don't plan to eat them, place them in your frig. They last not that long but long enough.

And that's it. Sometimes you can make them big and cook chicken and other stuffs and put them in your rice balls. Or dip them in Soy sause and fry them up. What ever you like. So enjoy your rice balls!

So now here is my Aibon video for today:

Aibon's trial

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Life goes on....
I love that song, but on to other bussiness!

I plan to have regular posts now. I wanna go back to how I use to be. Well I'm glad evreyone likes the new theme. It's Aibon from Morning Museme. The BG is actually suppose to be 1024x768, but my photobucket screwed it up. But I don't care, it still looks cute. So I thought I would keep it.

So I went to World Of Nations yesterday. I ate sooooooo much food! I had a funnel cake, smoothie, egg roll, pocky, and cookies. I was soooo stuffed. It was so good though. And I got an umbrella and I had the lady write Sango on it in Chinese. It looks so cool! yay!! I also made rice balls today! AHAHAHAHA!!! Go me!

So I really am into Aibon right now, so a video of the day will be shown.
Aibon kickin' butt in DDR

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