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Monday, March 2, 2009

   Even if all my friends are not here that much...I'll never leave this site..^^

Hey everyone...How all doing..Im great..Posted some new art..And this time it is new..LOL...Looking at my older drawings the day i drew like there's no tomorrow and at me drawings now..You can see that i haven't really lost my touch..Maybe in the shadings a little...

I see alot of people aren't on here anymore these days....Makes me kinda sad..And my comments and visits dropped to a ridiculously low level...Sometimes i think by myself.."What am i still doing here?" Theres no one on..And if i get one comment or visit im very happy to get it...Mmmm wish it was like the old days..But hey like they say...All good things come to an end....

I made a promise to most of you...And that is that i'll never delete my account here...And thats a remade promise...^^ See ya guys later...

Oh nd if you stop by please look at my new art...Cheers..


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