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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey Friends

Hey all you guys how are you all doing..Hope great...I dont know how many of you still use MyO but i sure use it alot...I help me feel that the site is still as we all know it....^^

If you know what i mean....Well i never thought i would submit art again..But i did...Its old..Even though i hope you guys love it..Im drawing again so you guys can expect alot of new art coming soon....I searched my butt of for the Art Submitting thingy..But i found it...

I just have to get my scanner to work..Looks like flying lessons for the thing wont work this time....LMAO..Believe me i felt like kicking it over the roof of my house alot of times...But i will only hurt my foot...And then i wont have a scanner no more..Think it will be a wise decision to kick it???..Nah i doubt that....

Mmm and i see you can only submit 3 drawings every 24 hours...Aggg thats not cool...Maaaaan!!!!..

Awww well atleast i dont have to wait for it as usual..Like i did back then..Waited for 75000Billion years for my drawing to come up...Im Senior Otaku++ now...Thats freaking cool if i have to say so myself..Mmmmm...Well see you guys later...Awww look how long my post is getting..Hehehehe happy reading for those who gonna read it....Cheers mates...Love you all...Always will and always do...mmm doenst sound right..Aww well you peeps get the picture....^^


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