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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

   Broken Wing

This is a story of a little dragon named Arteo..He has a broken wing since birth..She cant fly..She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters...Arteo is the second oldest dragon of the bunch...But she is the smartest of the all and never backs down from anything...She has two tails...

Sice she is the second oldest she can spit fire as well..Her brothers and sisters are always Jealous of her..Because hey cant do that yet..But there was always something Arteo always wanted to do..To fly...One day her youngest Sister asked her once.."Arteo why cant you fly ? Arteo Replied with tears in her eyes.." I have a broken wing..Its like this since birth" The youngest one always likes to help other... On day The youngest one of the bunch asked Arteo.." I wish i could give you my wings..!! The End..For now..LOL

Remember people alot of us has a broken wing..Just like Arteo..Life has a nasty habit of attacking us with out a warning ..Like a snake in the grass..You dont see him but he can see you..And if you step on him he bites you from behind...I met alot of people who are just like the snake...And we fall for those people...The came out as this one amazing person..But inside its black and empty...Like a black hole...

We can always relay on each other..Friends are a awesome gift that God gave us..We can hold on to each other to help us fly!!..If your Down and dont know what to do..Ask God and he'll give you another wing..(A friend) To help you through tough times..^^

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