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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

   Mmm Election...

Hey everyone..How are you all doing...Hope goood...So Obama Won huh...I think MC Cain Should have won....

But hey i guess everything happens for a reason..I hope America dont walk the same path as we do...The day the black people took over South Africa nothing was the same again...All the Jobs has been taken from us...And it was given to the blacks..Even know they have no idea what to do...

South Africa Has became so Dangerous that you cant walk alone at night..Even in the day...My brother was high Jacked Twice in one month...Things wasnt always like that...But since the Black People took over our country everything changed...8 of my friends was Killed by black people..Over 4000 farmers get killed every year by black people...They robbed my Cousin completely..They even took his shoes...And Gun pointed my friend at a gas station..Thank God he didnt shoot him...They say the only thing we wanted was his phone...Harmless and powerless OLd people get killed...And for nothing just that he can say that he killed a white person....And if that people have children from 2 years to 8 years they got rapped....They believe if they rapped a 2 year old virgin girl they will be cured from their Aids

I pray that it doenst happen to the US....Well see ya later guys..Cheers..


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